The Best BB Creams for Combination Skin (2020 Reviews)

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The truth of the matter is that BB creams are incredibly versatile beauty plus skincare products. They work as a foundation for sheer coverage, tinted moisturizer to boost skin hydration, and sunscreen for protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. But finding the best BB creams for combination skin is tricky business.

Actually, finding any skincare or beauty product for combination skin is a tough task. Because you’re looking for a formula that is going to take care of both preventing excess oil and excess dryness.

So how are you going to solve the problem in the case of BB creams? The good news here is that you don’t have to. All you need to do is pick one of the top 12 BB creams I’ve shortlisted for you below.

1. Marcelle BB Cream Illuminator

Marcelle BB Cream

Let me start by telling you that I’m reviewing a fragrance-free, dermatologist-tested, and hypoallergenic BB cream. All products by Marcelle are developed this way. As for the Marcelle BB Cream Illuminator, one bottle of this offers as many as 8 different benefits.

The first one is providing your combination or sensitive skin with a healthy glow. It is an illuminator after all. Then the second benefit is balancing out your skin texture and skin tone.

The third is boosting both long-term and instant hydration for a well-moisturized appearance and feel. Promoting the regeneration of the skin. Soothing, calming, controlling shine, and minimizing the stubborn appearance of marks, lines, and spots. That’s 8 in total.

You can wear the BB cream alone or under your daily foundation if you want complete coverage. It’s a multi-tasking formula that hydrates and nourishes your skin. Antioxidants are added along with aloe vera and chamomile. So those benefits I was talking about earlier are a result of natural ingredients. That’s a relief, isn’t it?

The part that makes it suitable for combination skin is the ability of the BB cream to boost hydration as well as control shine. So your skin is in very safe hands here.

2. La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur

La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur

Here’s yet another best BB creams for sensitive skin that’s a great choice for combination skin as well. The BB cream moisturizes your dry areas and keeps excess oil away from the oily zones. That’s the beauty of Effaclar BB Blue by La Roche-Posay.

The formula, just by the way, is highly recommended by many dermatologists worldwide. After all, it has been developed using strict clinical testing in terms of both effectiveness and safety. No wonder it’s such a suitable choice for those with sensitive skin.

This is an oil-free BB formulation equipped with SPF 20. It has the power to reduce the size and appearance of your pores, thus minimizing the chances of breakouts. It also covers blemishes quite flawlessly. The thing absorbs sebum from all your oily zones throughout the day. Thanks to the inclusion of smoothing mattifier airlicium.

This cutting-edge element in the BB cream has the capacity to absorb oil 150x its weight. So your skin can look smooth and healthy all day long. There’s also perlite in here for absorbing sweat and humidity. So bonus points for that for sure.

As for SPF, the use of titanium oxide means it’s mineral-based, which is a better choice for daily protection against the UV rays.

It’s a lightweight cream that doesn’t have any artificial fragrances and parabens. On top of that, the beauty product is oil-free and non-comedogenic. That means no more pore-clogging and breakouts. As a matter of fact, it’s the best BB cream for enlarged pores.

3. Revlon PhotoReady BB Skin Cream Perfector

Revlon PhotoReady BB Skin Cream

You can have sensitive combination skin and still find this BB Skin Cream Perfector the most useful as a daily moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen. It strikes the perfect balance between a perfecting cream and a light foundation.

The BB cream hydrates just like a good moisturizer. It smoothens the skin just as a primer does. And covers fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, etc. much like the best foundation out there. Even blurring skin imperfections is something you get to witness firsthand, which means the BB cream offers concealer-like performance too.

Moreover, sun protection in the form of SPF 30 is also included. There’s no doubt that this is a creamy formulation that activates instant perfection. With the ability to hide dark circles and camouflage aging-related signs. The coverage is medium and buildable, so you can achieve the look of your choice.

Speaking of which, there are 3 different shades you get to choose from. So all that’s left to do is glide on the BB cream seamlessly. It’s something that happens quite smoothly and easily if you ask me. And without giving rise to any skin irritation or excessive dryness or oil.

4. CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream

CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream

This may seem like an unusual or uncommon choice in the list of the best BB creams for combination skin. But let me assure you that the CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream is, no doubt, a great product for mature combination skin.

The formula is specifically created for oily skin and fair skin. But you can use it otherwise. There’s absolutely nothing wrong about that. It doesn’t give rise to any shine or grease. At the same time, it keeps your skin from looking excessively dry or feeling irritated. The latter means no redness to deal with either. Only a natural mattifying appearance.

The creamy texture goes on quite easily and smoothly for building light coverage. You don’t even have to apply any powder in order to make sure your skin remains oil-free throughout the day. Just applying this matte BB cream is enough for an oil-free experience.

Let me also point out that you can build the coverage as much as you like. The result, no matter the coverage, always looks naturally dewy and matte at the same time. No creasing and no oxidation.

5. Dr. Jart BB Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm

Dr. Jart BB Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm

What’s so special about this beauty balm by Dr. Jart? Let’s get straight to the point here. The BB Dis-A-Pore formulation contains vitamin tree fruit and snow lotus. The former balances out your skin tone while the latter is great for skin brightening. Then there’s moisturizing water as well for boosting your skin’s natural hydration levels, thus ideal for oily and/or dry skin.

There’s no chance you’re likely to come across or I’m likely to review a BB cream equipped with the same three ingredients. I guess that’s what makes this beauty balm such an extraordinary choice.

It’s a very popular BB cream among light-colored women. The coverage the formula provides is medium and buildable. You can apply it and not worry about a thing all day long. The texture has the ability to conceal your minor blemishes along with blackheads.

BB creams are supposed to meet halfway between heavy foundations and tinted moisturizers. And this one does that pretty well. The beauty balm glides on very smoothly. And it feels like silk and makes your skin look naturally flawless. On application, the color might seem light at first but don’t you worry because it settles into your skin eventually to match your skin tone.

6. Garnier SkinActive BB Cream

Garnier SkinActive BB Cream

All it takes is a single step for the Garnier SkinActive BB Cream to provide all-day hydration. It’s the perfect choice for combination skin and oily skin. The natural-looking glow and radiance this lightweight formulation has to offer are the most enticing aspects.

Needless to say, the BB cream not only hydrates but also corrects and primes. It’s infused with tinted mineral pigments and antioxidants for instant coverage as well as an improvement in skin health. Sun protection is also added in the form of broad-spectrum SPF 15.

The antioxidants come from the wild berry. The tinted moisturizer controls oil and shine, prevents sunburn, minimizes pores, and evens your skin tone. All the while boosting hydration too! Now, how many BB creams have you come across that provide so many amazing benefits for combination skin or oily skin!

The lightweight texture of the cream keeps excess sebum away from the oily areas of your face. As for the dry patches, wild berry antioxidants and hydration boost take care of that.

7. Rimmel London BB Cream

Rimmel London BB Cream

You know BB creams are suitable for combination skin when they have the power to balance out your skin tone while also controlling shine and dryness all day. The Rimmel London BB Cream does more than that you know.

The formulation is equipped with SPF 15. Sun protection is also a factor you should consider when buying BB creams. Be it for combination, dry, oily, acne-prone, or sensitive skin. The cream conceals common skin imperfections like dark circles the most naturally and flawlessly.

The magic-like power of the beauty balm to instantly awaken your skin with a healthy glow and radiance is quite impressive. And also much-needed considering the number of potential aggressors present in the environment.

And finally, let me tell you that the BB cream here is developed by one of the most popular beauty brands in the UK. Rimmel London is known for its versatile and accessible makeup products that are created for encouraging self-expression and experimentation. So you don’t have to worry about the quality or effectiveness of this SPF-equipped BB cream.

8. MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream


What is so appealing about this best BB creams for combination skin with SPF? The fact that it delivers flawless coverage. In the sense that the formulation conceals your imperfections smoothly while also balancing out your skin tone. But a lot of BB creams do that already, so what’s so special about this one?

The moisturizing and dewy effect of this beauty balm is the best part. After all, the ingredients included are hyaluronic acid, Gatuline RC, and ceramides. These elements bring into the picture tons of skin hydration and softness.

Furthermore, the BB cream is also infused with nourishing emollient plant oils, botanical essences, and marine extracts. That are responsible for activating nothing but thorough skin replenishment.

Did you know that Gatuline RC, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid add moisture into the layers of your skin to make it look and feel firmer? And with this kind of hydration boost, your skin is bound to have fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

And that’s not the end of the list of ingredients. The formulation is also loaded with chamomile and rosemary extracts. So your skin and complexion appear balanced and calm. No doubt, this product is for those who want to buy the best BB cream for coverage, sun protection, and promoting overall skin health.

In the case of combination skin, you want your BB cream to keep your skin from feeling excessively oily. And, at the same time, give you the opportunity to skip using powder. And this best BB cream for combination skin Korean product does that. So you don’t have to be skeptical anymore.

9. Jolie Mineral Sheer Tinted Moisturizer

Jolie Mineral Sheer Tint

The versatile aspect of this BB cream is a factor that appears very natural. Meaning the tinted moisturizer here is a foundation, lotion, and sunscreen. You get to pick from 7 different natural-looking shades. And each of them is oil-free, ultra-sheer, and mineral-based. Along with sunscreen (SPF 20) for protecting the skin while it’s looking radiant and flawless.

No other BB cream on the list is equipped with such potent antioxidants if you ask me. These antioxidants here come from ginseng, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Gingko Biloba. But what do antioxidants do? They protect your skin from skin-damaging and aging-inducing free radicals. At the same time, antioxidants moisturize your skin as well.

The BB cream offers water resistance too. Gliding it on is a very effortless task in my opinion. Use downward strokes for blending it into your skin. Once that happens, nothing comes in the way of giving your combination skin a much-needed youthful boost.

The beauty balm, much like all other Jolie products, is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. That means no pore-clogging, no oil, no skin irritation, and no acne breakouts. The fact that vitamins and minerals are infused into the formulation means a lot in terms of skin nourishment. On top of that, the BB cream is lightweight for the most natural-looking coverage.

10. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue

Does it matter if the BB cream is free of mineral oil, artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, SLS, gluten, and animal derivatives? If it matters to you, as it should for the sake of your skin’s long-term health, then choose bareMinerals.

This is not anything like the best BB cream drugstore such as the Garnier or Revlon. It’s a much better tinted gel-cream on the basis of skin hydration. With a versatile BB cream like this, your skin is bound to look naturally dewy. The buildable coverage is between sheer and medium. But no matter the coverage, your skin ends up looking smooth, soft, and radiant every single time.

The moisture level of the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue is quite generous. So much so that you can even skip using your Vitamin C serum or any other hyaluronic acid-equipped serum. Irrespective of high or low humidity levels.

It’s an ideal choice for covering up almost everything without causing excessive dryness or oil.

11. Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream

Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream

How about a CC cream that works like a BB cream? If the idea sounds good to you, then you might want to consider buying the Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream. The formula works much like any BB cream on this list. Meaning it softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It even gets to work on your pores.

The coverage is lightweight, no doubt. And sun protection is also added. This sun protection is mineral-based and broad-spectrum. On top of that, the CC cream contains a rich content of alpha-hydroxy acids and Vitamin C. Both of these ingredients help in making your skin look brighter and smoother.

Then there’s also sodium hyaluronate. This is a molecule known to attract and also maintain hydration. To be honest, even BB creams are not so well-equipped, isn’t that right?

Along with sodium hyaluronate, there’s apple extract and Irish moss. These too are responsible for making your skin look and feel softer, brighter, and smoother. And protection against free radicals is also inevitable in this case.

Let me also tell you that this CC cream corrects skin problems like hyperpigmentation as well. So your skin complexion looks well-balanced and smooth. Light-diffusion mica does the job of softening the visibility of your pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. So it’s more than just a color-correcting tinted moisturizer, unlike CC creams in general.

12. Origins GinZing SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer

Origins GinZing

It’s time to not only perfect and hydrate but also energize your skin in a single step. With this multi-tasker, you can achieve a whole lot. It’s got Panax ginseng and coffee beans after all. Both boost energy levels and moisture instantly. At the same time, they protect your skin against UV damage.

In comparison to heavy foundations, this tinted moisturizer is much more lightweight. And unlike foundations, even the hydration boost is superior. The formulation here also minimizes the stubborn visibility of blemishes. So your skin looks healthy and glowy without any oil or shine.

And you know what, just a little bit of this SPF-40 BB cream goes a long way. It has no perfume-like artificial fragrance to cause any skin irritation. And that’s a huge relief if your skin type is combination sensitive.

In the end, I would just like to say that the current product is one of the best choices for SPF, moisture, and coverage.

What to Look for When Buying best BB Creams for Combination Skin

BB creams are perfect for a low-maintenance beauty routine. This explains why they’re so versatile in terms of nature. BB cream works as a tinted sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation. So you can combine 3 steps into just 1. And that’s the best part about BB creams. But choosing a BB formula for combination skin can make this all quite challenging.

Your combination skin type demands something that doesn’t add more oil into your oily zones. At the same time, a formulation that doesn’t dry out your skin either. So how can you go about weighing one option against another? Well, I have the right answer for you below.

Make sure your BB cream contains, if not all, then at least most of the following ingredients. They’re simply perfect for a combination of oily, dry, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.

Oil-free, lightweight formula

If your BB cream is too heavy, then it’s going to act just like a foundation. And BB creams are not foundations, they’re lighter than foundations. So how about keeping it that way simply by choosing a BB cream with a lightweight, oil-free consistency. This type of texture keeps oil from getting trapped against your skin.

A gel-like beauty balm is the best choice for targeting both dry and oily areas.

Hyaluronic acid

If there’s any top ingredient that moisturizes the skin without adding oil and clogging pores, then, without the shadow of a doubt, it’s hyaluronic acid. I have reviewed quite a lot of BB creams in the article equipped with this magic-like hydration ingredient.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural humectant that not only attracts but also retains moisture in your skin while plumping and firming it. And hydration is a must to keep dryness as well as excess sebum production under control.


Skipping sunscreen in any form is always a bad idea for your skin. Because unprotected sun exposure can cause discoloration, premature aging, damage, redness, acne, and lots more. In the case of combination skin, when you decide to skip sunscreen, you’re actually choosing to welcome more dryness or shine.

And when the best BB creams are armed with SPF, then why not make the most of that! Just make sure the SPF rating is 15 or higher.


Antioxidants coming from Vitamin E and other natural sources like green tea extract and pomegranate are often infused into BB cream formulations. And what such antioxidants do is fight free radicals to protect your skin. They also brighten and clear up your complexion.

BB cream that absorbs oil without drying the skin

BB creams specifically created for combination skin absorb oil from your shiny T-zone. And they do so without giving rise to any dryness around the jawline or cheeks. That’s how it should be because that’s how combination skin looks like.

On top of that, these types of BB creams also help in minimizing the appearance of pores.

How to Care for Combination Skin

It’s not easy dealing with dryness in some areas of the face. And also trying to get rid of oil in the others. Skincare and beauty routines can be very challenging in the case of combination skin because you want a product that addresses both excess sebum production and dryness.

So if you’re looking for useful tips to handle the combination situation better, then you might want to give the following instructions a try…

1. Use a gentle facial cleanser

Whatever your morning routine, make sure it includes a mild cleanser. Gentle on the skin yet able to eliminate dirt, excess oil, and other impurities.

The texture of the cleanser can be gel-based or creamy, it doesn’t matter as long as the consistency isn’t irritating your skin.

2. Balance skin’s pH levels using a toner

Once you cleanse your face, it’s time to reset the optimal pH balance of your skin. And the best way to do so is by using a nourishing, natural toner. You have to make sure this toner has the power to minimize oil and moisturize dry skin all at once.

The goal here is to visibly reduce the excess shine or sebum from your oily T-zone. The toner also gets rid of any leftover dirt and impurities, but without taking away your skin’s naturally present and much-needed moisture.

3. Moisturize your skin

Just because a part of your skin is oily doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be applying a moisturizer. Moisturizers are just like sunscreens; you have to put both on no matter your skin type. All types of skin demand hydration. So instead of skipping the moisturizer altogether, go for an oil-free formula.

There are plenty of oil-free moisturizers that don’t add extra shine or grease to your skin.

4. Protect your skin with sunscreen

This one’s also yet another non-negotiable move that should always be a part of your daily skincare or beauty routine. Irrespective of your skin type! But in the case of combination skin, protecting your skin with SPF is even more important to balance it out. Make sure the sunscreen is broad-spectrum with a higher SPF rating.

As for choosing a sunscreen, there are plenty of non-greasy, lightweight formulas. That absorb oil while also creating a silky, smooth matte finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to apply BB cream?

You can use one in every season, but BB creams are the most useful during summertime. The sheer coverage helps in controlling your oily areas without blocking pores and causing breakouts. On top of that, BB creams come with SPF for sun protection. However, you can and should add another layer of your own sunscreen before applying the BB cream.

As for how to apply BB cream, you can either use a makeup sponge/brush or your fingers for the application. Start by dotting your face with some BB cream. Five dots; one on the forehead, one on the nose, two on the cheeks, and one on the chin. But this is only if you’re using your fingers. In that case, blend from the top to the bottom by applying gentle pressure with your index and middle fingers.

When using a makeup brush or sponge, add the BB cream on it and then blend it into your skin. Use gentle, circular strokes and pressure. You begin from your forehead, then move down to your sides and chin, and finally, get to your nose and cheeks.

Once you’re done and you feel that some areas demand more coverage, feel free to add a little more. BB creams, after all, offer buildable coverage for that very reason.

As for someone with combination skin, you might also want to apply a layer of moisturizer before applying the BB cream. This layer ensures no BB cream pigments cling to the dry patches of your skin.

Q. What should I apply after BB cream?

If you’re not satisfied with the amount of coverage or oil-free appearance the BB cream provides, then you can apply compact powder after BB cream. What compact powder does is give your skin more coverage or a deeper tone.

But for natural-looking sheer coverage, it’s best to let the BB cream walk alone. Just let it dry for a few minutes and then decide.

Q. Can I use BB cream daily?

Yes, fortunately, you can apply BB cream on a daily basis. The product, no doubt, is created for everyday use. It’s a very versatile formulation that consists of a tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation.

Let me tell you that BB creams are not like heavy foundations, which makes them even more perfect for daily application. Unlike heavy foundations, BB creams make your skin, no matter how oily or dry, look smooth and flawless without looking caked.

Q. What should I avoid when I have combination skin?

 Now it’s time for me to tell you what you should be avoiding for combination skin.

  • Harsh soaps as they often contain ingredients that tend to strip away moisture, thus causing more dryness and sebum production.
  • Exfoliating regularly is not such a good idea. You can exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of those dry and dead skin cells. And to make your skin tone look clearer and feel smoother. But not more than that as it’s counterproductive. Lastly, make sure the scrub you’re using for exfoliation is gentle and made of mostly natural ingredients.


Combination skin is quite common you know. It’s not a very unusual skin type, which means choosing skincare and beauty products for it is not that hard. You just have to know what ingredients and texture work best, that’s all. And I have discussed these two factors and more at great length in the post.

Just keep in mind that hyaluronic acid is a very important ingredient. It boosts hydration and even retains moisture to take care of your dry and oily zones. Even SPF is a crucial factor when it comes to BB creams. And so is lightweight, sheer coverage for combination skin. That’s about the gist of it. Now go buy the right product for your skin!

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