Best Tanning Lotion for Men (Lightweight & Moisturizing for a Smooth, Deep Tan)

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Why should women have all the tanning fun, right? There are so many articles out there that talk about the best tanning lotion for women. So now it’s time to review the best tanning lotion for men. Because, let’s not deny, even men find the natural-looking, sun-kissed appearance desirable.

 So if you’re a part of the male tanning community, okay there’s no such thing (not officially at least), then this post is just for you. Another undeniable fact is that the demand for the best men’s indoor tanning lotion keeps increasing. And so does the supply, which means the buying process can be a little confusing. But not anymore with the topics I’ve reviewed here!

1. Australian Gold Gentlemen G Natural Bronzer

Australian Gold Gentlemen G Natural Bronzer

The thing about this Australian Gold Mens Tanning Lotion is that it’s just as popular as the female version. It’s a natural bronzer that gives you an instant change of color. The whole experience is streak-free just by the way.

Not many tanning lotions, let alone male tanning lotions, offer protection against tattoo fade. So when you find one that does, you simply have to seize the day. And this matters if you love your beautiful ink.

The fragrance of the Gold Gentlemen G Bronzer is also quite praiseworthy. There are hints of bergamot, cedarwood, moss, patchouli, geranium, and orange. The scent here is perfect for men, meaning there’s no fruity odor. Not that a fruity odor for men is a bad or “un-manly” thing, just saying.

Moving on, streak-free tanning is also a very impressive aspect. Your skin doesn’t even end up feeling greasy or oily post-application. The natural bronzing effect gives you an incredibly natural-looking tan. And that’s the most enticing part here. A bronzer that doesn’t streak and gives your skin a natural sun-kissed appearance.

2. Devoted Creations H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer

Devoted Creations - H.I.M. TITANIUM Bronzer

Devoted Creations has developed many tanning formulas that rank among the top contenders in the women’s category. So it’s no surprise that they have something equally phenomenal to offer for men as well. It’s the H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer by Devoted Creations.

This ultra-dark bronzer is in the form of a lightweight lotion. And just like the previous pick, even Devoted Creations provides tattoo fade protection. What’s more is that this particular tanning lotion is a very suitable choice for sensitive skin. You might also want to know that the formula has body deodorizing properties.

It’s a low-maintenance bronzer if you ask me. And such bronzers for men pave the way for a dark, well-balanced, instant color every single time. The lotion is equipped with avocado extracts for neutralizing skin redness or irritation. No wonder it’s such a great choice for sensitive skin.

The formula is also infused with odor eliminators that help you get rid of the typical post-tan smell. But, more importantly, this Devoted Creations tanning lotion gets you as dark as you would like to be. Enough said, isn’t it?

3. Devoted Creations Somewhere on a Beach Tanning Lotion

Devoted Creations Somewhere on a Beach Tanning Lotion

Here’s another best tanning lotion for men by Devoted Creations. On its Amazon page, the title includes the words Indoor Outdoor and Instant Dark. This should give you an idea about the effectiveness of Somewhere on a Beach Tanning Lotion by Devoted Creations.

Let me also bring to your attention that it’s a unisex tanning formula. Just have a look at the product reviews on Amazon and you’ll know why it’s such a popular choice for both men and women.

The tanning lotion consists of walnut oil and coconut oil. These two ingredients do an excellent job of hydrating and softening your skin during tanning. Both are essential, aren’t they? I mean hydrated and moisturized skin tans more evenly and darker. The tan even stays on for longer that way.

Protection against tattoo fade is also a part of the tanning experience. This you must’ve known because even the previous Devoted Creations tanning lotion offers that kind of protection. But what’s new here is that the tanning formula is combined with tanning accelerators.

There are multiple accelerators for targeting your skin’s melanin production. And this means you get a darker, deeper, and faster tan. Also, the blending of such powerful intensifiers and deep bronzers doesn’t make the tanning experience a whole lot of mess. Meaning the experience is stain-free and streak-free. And there’s no DHA too!

No doubt, the tanning lotion gets your skin dark. It creates an even and smooth tan, that’s for sure too. And it works beautifully even if your skin type is super-sensitive.

4. Devoted Creations CAMO KING Black Bronzing Lotion

Devoted Creations CAMO KING Black Bronzing Lotion

The previous Devoted Creations tanning lotion was a DHA-free formula. But this bronzing lotion contains DHA, dark DHA. The bronzer here offers an instant tan that means. Every Devoted Creations tanning formula provides protection against tattoo fade, even this one.

What’s unique about the CAMO KING is that it’s equipped with skin-firming and anti-aging technology. Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 and RevitaFit are the elements responsible for the exceptional skin-firming and anti-aging effects. The inclusion of powerful antioxidants protects your skin at the time of tanning.

The current tanning formula too is a low-maintenance bronzer. But this one does a little more by tightening and mattifying your skin as well. After all, it has moisturizers that penetrate deep into your skin. So you can achieve a darker, deeper, and more natural-looking tan.

On top of that, the tanning lotion has a refreshing cologne fragrance. The tint you get isn’t excessively orange. And your skin ends up feeling deeply moisturized. Truth be told, I haven’t come across many tanning lotions that have the ability to deliver this kind of experience.

5. Millennium Tanning Products Dark Tanning Lotion

Millennium Tanning Products

This Dark Tanning Lotion by Millennium Tanning is an advanced silicone-infused bronzer with remarkable auto-darkening tan technology. Actually, truthfully speaking, every creation by the brand is like stumbling upon a precious gem for tanning enthusiasts. Be it men or women!

The advanced dark tanning formula here is a combination of ultra-moisturizers and extreme bronzers. So your tan can achieve great heights in the form of maximum, instant darkness. It goes without saying that this tanning lotion gives all the other formulas a run for their money. Even Australian Gold and Devoted Creations.

It creates a smooth, well-balanced base tan as well. Your skin is bound to feel incredibly smooth and look dark-bronzed. In fact, the tanning lotion softens body hair too. No staining and no streaking either.

In my opinion, Millennium Tanning products are perfect for skeptical tanners who find it very difficult to trust any one tanning lotion. No matter the gender!

6. Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X

Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X

The Paint It Black creation by Millennium Tanning features 50x Auto Darkening Tan technology. In simple words, you get an extreme dark bronzed tan. Along the way, your skin benefits from the extreme silicone emulsion blend. It makes your skin smooth and soft, which is necessary during the tanning process.

Moreover, the tanning lotion has ultra-moisturizing properties. The positive or favorable effects here include bronzing, silicone emulsion, skin-firming, and accelerating. Even the fragrance is quite refreshing and clean. It’s got a subtle yet enchanting blossom fragrance. So if your “manhood” doesn’t get affected by this particular aspect, you’re good to go.

The product, just by the way, is suitable for both men and women. And in both scenarios, the results are nothing but favorable. The silicone in here softens and conditions the skin very well. Moreover, the bronzing properties of this formula are something that you, as a frequent tanner, might appreciate the most.

7. Thermalabs Organic Self Tan Lotion

Thermalabs Organic Self Tan Lotion

Not only is this the best organic tanning lotion but it’s also the best mens tanning lotion without bronzer. The product is good for men and women just so you know. If you’re still wondering why you should consider buying the Thermalabs Organic Self Tan Lotion, let me answer that.

The tanning formula is packed with only high-quality organic and natural ingredients. Aloe vera is one of them. And what it does is nourish your skin while allowing the tanner to give it a bronzed glow. Apart from that, there’s a whole combination of organic plant-based ingredients and healthy minerals. So skin nourishment and tanning go hand in hand here, which happens very rarely.

Furthermore, the fragrance of the tanning lotion is mild and natural. Unlike the strong and unpleasant chemical smell of most other tanning lotions.

In terms of effectiveness, the Thermalabs Organic Self-Tanner transforms your skin color, thus giving you the perfect bronzed tan. In fact, it’s also the best tanning lotion for men with fair skin. No matter how pale or white you are, the formula produces the perfect sun-kissed glow in only 4 hours. And this tan, by the way, lasts from anywhere between 7 to 14 days. Isn’t that the longest time!

8. Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

How about I introduce you to the best self-acting bronzer available for both men and women? Sounds interesting and effective? Then why not go for the Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion! This formula contains oxygen regenerating tanning technology. It’s a dark tan maximizer, in simple and understandable terms.

There are powerful antioxidant trace minerals included for skin protection and nourishment. Not many tanning lotions have the ability to minimize the visibility of aging-related signs like wrinkles and fine lines. But this one does, which is great news.

As for the fragrance, your olfactory senses breathe in refreshing, tropical mango, passion fruit, and pineapple. Does that sound manly enough for you? It’s just that so many men dismiss even highly recommended tanning lotions just because the scent is floral, thus girly.

A single bottle of this lasts for 3-4 months, even if you’re a frequent tanner. The bronzing formula turns your skin darker if you leave it on for longer. So you can achieve your kind of a tan whenever you like. Just make sure you apply the tanning lotion after a shower. The formula gets absorbed into your skin better that way. This or any other tanning lotion.

9. Designer Skin Command Black Bronzer

Designer Skin Command Black Bronzer

The bronzer I’m currently reviewing is specifically designed for men. And the formula is good for both outdoor and indoor tanning. But I would highly recommend choosing the indoor tanning method since outdoor tanning means exposing your skin to the harsh and harmful UV rays of the sun.

But that doesn’t mean indoor tanning is 100% safe either. Both have their own pros and cons. However, I’m sure you know the risks involved. So the choice is all yours.

As for the Designer Skin Command Black Bronzer, it’s an amazing product. There’s no doubt about that! The tanning lotion glides on easily and smoothly. It also gets absorbed quickly without leaving your skin feeling greasy, sticky, or oily. The ingredients penetrate deep into your skin to moisturize it while tanning.

The scent is just like any high-end men’s cologne. The tanning formula creates a dark tan. But that’s not the most appealing part. The thing I found to be the most enticing is how well it moisturizes the skin during tanning. It’s hard to come by an indoor and outdoor tanning lotion that works great and smells great too.

10. California Products Best Self Tanning Lotion

California Products Best Self Tanning Lotion

Let’s say you don’t like the idea of tanning in the sun or using a tanning bed. What do you do then? I mean how on Earth are you going to tan your skin? The answer comes in the form of this Self-Tanner by California Products.

The tanning lotion delivers dark, golden results. It’s got natural ingredients for creating the tan. So no exposing your skin to the harsh UV rays of the sun or the harmful artificial UV rays of tanning beds. Plus, you don’t have to expose it to chemicals most tanning lotions are equipped with.

The self-tanner is easy and smooth to apply. NO to streaks and YES to tan uniformity. But what’s truly remarkable is the prevention of premature aging. When you use self-tanning lotions, you’re making a conscious effort to protect your skin from sun exposure. And as you already know, sun exposure causes premature aging by forming wrinkles and fine lines.

This is the best tanning lotion for men’s legs, women’s legs, men’s face, women’s face, men’s body, and women’s body. Basically, for the complete tanning of both men and women.

11. SunGodZ Indoor Tanning Lotion

SunGodZ Indoor Tanning Lotion

This indoor tanning lotion is infused with bronzing agents that produce a deep, dark tan very fast. And this is no magical ability unless you like to call the silicone emulsion in the tanning formula magical. To be honest, it does have magic-like powers when it comes to tanning your skin just how you like it.

The SunGodZ creation here is very versatile. And by that, I mean it’s good for indoor and outdoor tanning. The formula is packed with coconut oil, argan oil, and agave extracts. How many tanning lotions have you come across that are equipped with such nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing ingredients!

If that wasn’t enough, the brand has also armed the tanning lotion with anti-fade elements to keep your skin tanned for longer. What’s more is that the formula is shower-proof as well. So you don’t have to worry about the lotion or tan washing off any sooner than expected.

And, no doubt, the tanning lotion fragrance is gender-neutral. The scent is mild and natural. So men concerned about the formula giving off a feminine smell can rest in peace.

12. Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy has somehow managed to develop the best bronzer, anti-aging, and accelerator tanning lotion. It’s infused with essential oils and vitamins that boost your dark, deep tan. So your tanning experience produces that perfect radiant, natural-looking sun-kissed glow.

Furthermore, the formula contains a super amino-peptide complex for minimizing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Even as a man, this should matter considering how sun and tanning bed exposure leads to premature aging in both men and women. Speaking of men and women, the tanning lotion under the spotlight is a unisex formula.

The scent of the tanning lotion is great yet not overpowering at all. The product creates an ideal mens fake tan for pale skin. So if you’re fair-skinned, then you can rely on the ingredients added to the formula. There’s no streaking to deal with just so you know. And the tanning lotion goes on very smoothly to activate a natural-looking golden tan.

13. ST. TROPEZ Gradual Tan

ST. TROPEZ Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion

Achieving a dark golden tan doesn’t necessarily have to be an inconvenient task. At least not when using products like this one. It has the ability to produce a deeper, natural-looking sun-kissed tan gradually. You have to apply the tanning lotion for 3 days consecutively. This is only if you want to build the depth of your tan.

As someone who cares for his skin, you might appreciate the fact that the formula contains no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and chemical DHA. Instead, DHA that is naturally-derived is used for tanning.

Along with natural DHA, there’s almond oil. So skin nourishment and hydration are also a part of the deal. Just remember that hydrated and moisturized skin tans better. And this tan even stays for a longer time.

The thing about a brand like ST. TROPEZ is that they produce some of the best self-tanners for not just men but women too. As for this one, it gradually builds your tan. So the final result can be as natural-looking and deep as you like.

14. Beauty by Earth Self Tanner

Beauty by Earth

The last on the list is one of the best choices for very fair or pale-skinned men and women. The Beauty by Earth Self Tanner is also an all-natural tanning lotion without any parabens and phthalates. There are zero chemical-based active ingredients added to the formula.

The ingredients chosen are natural, no doubt, but also nourishing and of the highest quality. So the tanner creates a tan with natural color. What are these ingredients by the way? These include the organic version of coconut oil, green tea extracts, and shea butter. All of them nourish your skin while also allowing it to tan streak-free and sun-free.

Along with no parabens and phthalates, the self-tanner is also equipped with non-nano minerals. This means no need to bother yourself with issues like your skin not being able to protect itself against the environment.

You should know that sunless tanning wards off unwanted effects like premature aging, sunburns, and even skin cancer. So if you’re not so keen on using tanning lotions that are full of chemicals, you can choose this safer, healthier, all-natural alternative.

How Tanning with A Lotion Is Better Than Sun-Tanning

The truth about tanning is that you have to balance it out to keep the harmful effects of sun or tanning bed exposure to a minimum. And the best way to avoid it completely is to ditch sun-tanning and tanning beds by opting for a tanning lotion.

It protects your skin against UV damage

When you opt for tanning lotion, you’re minimizing the risks often associated with UV exposure. The sun and tanning bed give off harmful UV rays. It’s just that tanning beds have artificially produced UV rays, which are just as bad for your skin health as the sun’s natural UV rays.

It hydrates and moisturizes your skin

The beauty of high-quality tanning lotions is that they moisturize and hydrate your skin, which is necessary at the time of tanning. Because dry skin welcomes skin damage.

More often than not, tanning lotions are infused with ingredients for nourishing your skin from deep within. Ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, etc. And in case the tanning lotion you have doesn’t moisturize your skin enough, then you can and should use a separate moisturizer for that.

It tans your skin faster

As you might have guessed, moisturized skin tans faster. This is another reason why so many tanning lotions are equipped with nourishing ingredients.

In comparison to dry skin, hydrated skin certainly tans faster. This means you’re minimizing the time you spend to bring about that perfect natural-looking sun-kissed glow.

It increases the life of your tan

When your skin is hydrated and moisturized, it’s only bound to allow the tan to last for longer.

Another very effective method for boosting the lifespan of your tan is exfoliation before tanning. Once you get rid of all the dead skin cells, the developed tan stays on for a longer time as a result of less peeling.

Different Types of Tanning Lotions

It’s only naïve of you to think that tanning lotions are all the same. That’s not true at all. The formulas here are divided into four categories. And now I’m going to discuss each of them.

1.  Tanning Bronzers

Ask any tanning enthusiast, and he’ll tell you how well bronzers work for achieving the desired tan color. What bronzers do is darken the shade of the skin with the help of bronzing agents. And this bronzing agent is DHA, which is chemically-derived and naturally-derived.

Chemical DHA Bronzers

The full form of DHA is dihydroxyacetone. It’s a carbohydrate responsible for forming melanoids by allowing amino acids to react with dead skin cells. In simple words, DHA boosts melanin production, which gives you fake tan.

DHA takes around 2 to 4 hours for producing the tanned appearance. But the tan keeps getting darker for at least 72 hours post-application. As for how long the tan lasts, it’s 7-10 days. And that’s because DHA interaction takes place with dead skin cells, which shed very often, as they should.

Natural DHA Bronzers

No chemical DHA is actually beneficial for your skin. You can go for tanning lotions with naturally-derived bronzing agents. These are usually herbal and plant extracts that bring about an instant change of skin color. And they do so by increasing the circulation of oxygen in your epidermis. And that, in turn, boosts melanin production.

But the drawback to this is a tan that lasts for only 3-4 days.

2. Tanning Accelerators

These types of tanning lotions are specifically designed to stimulate melanin production. They’re mostly equipped with nutrients and moisturizers to provide the much-needed boost for proper tanning. The greater the number of melanin produced, the darker the tan.

Accelerators are perfect for those who want to build a good base tan. But it’s important to apply sunscreen along with accelerators for skin protection.

3. Tanning Intensifiers or Maximizers

These are ideal for allowing your tan to get deeper and darker. Tanning intensifier or maximizer formulas are for tanning your skin after the formation of a base tan. Many men and women go for intensifiers and maximizers for boosting color in the tanning plateau.

4. Tingle Tanning Lotions

They give rise to the typical tingle sensation. For some people, this tingling feeling after application can be very uncomfortable or intense. As for the ingredients added, they’re mostly put in place to bring about micro-circulation. Meaning bringing more oxygen and blood to your skin for boosting melanin production to a large extent.

Tingle tanning lotions, more often than not, turn your skin red. And this kind of effect usually stays for about 1 hour.

It’s only common sense to assume that the level of tingle varies. There’s light tingle to extreme tingle tanning lotions. So if it’s your first time using one or you have sensitive skin, then go for light. And don’t ever apply a tingle tanning lotion on the face.

Choosing a Good Tanning Lotion for Men

One of the first things men go for is a tanning lotion with a masculine scent. They want to make sure they don’t end up smelling like a girl. Although I don’t see anything wrong with that. But anyway, if that’s your concern too, then you can breathe a sigh of relief as there are many tanning lotions for men that offer a men’s cologne-like scent.

Another crucial aspect is the texture of the tanning lotion. There are many formulas out there that feel heavy or greasy on the skin. Now, this is not a desirable factor for both men and women.

So you should go for a lightweight tanning lotion that gets absorbed into your skin smoothly and easily. Along the same lines, make sure it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or oily.

And the next factor is the ingredients. So here are the ingredients you should look for:

  • Artificial fragrances and colors contain carcinogenic petrochemicals. And nothing about this is safe and healthy for your skin or body.
  • Mineral oil is also another very common ingredient added to tanning formulas. What mineral oil does is block your pores, thus giving rise to breakouts.
  • Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, also known as a natural preservative. The ingredient gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and causes irritation.
  • Isopropyl myristate is another comedogenic substance like mineral oil.
  • Amyl acetate is a chemical often included as a part of dry cleaning. Are you really going to expose your skin to a strong chemical that’s used for dry cleaning?

As for ingredients to avoid, here is that list.

  • Artificial fragrances and colors contain carcinogenic petrochemicals. And nothing about this is safe and healthy for your skin or body.
  • Mineral oil is also another very common ingredient added to tanning formulas. What mineral oil does is block your pores, thus giving rise to breakouts.
  • Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, also known as a natural preservative. The ingredient gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and causes irritation.
  • Isopropyl myristate is another comedogenic substance like mineral oil.
  • Amyl acetate is a chemical often included as a part of dry cleaning. Are you really going to expose your skin to a strong chemical that’s used for dry cleaning?

Preparing the Skin for the Tanning Lotion

You cannot prep your skin as women do before tanning. The rules for men are different. If not all of them, then at least a few.

Wear proper clothing

If you think you can tan in a bathing suit designed for men, you’re wrong. Unless you think a farmer’s tan is attractive. The thing about tanning in bathing suits is that the long shorts, in this case, might create nasty lines.

So what should men wear for tanning? When tanning in a tanning booth or outdoors, go for Speedo. However, many men wear nothing at all when tanning in a booth.

But if it’s your first time or if your skin complexion is fair, then you should consider covering your private zones. Cover both behind and in the front. What this does is make sure you don’t get burned in the sensitive areas.

Shave before tanning

Shaving the body hair is necessary before tanning. And I’ll tell you why. Long hair prevents UV rays from the tanning bed or sun from penetrating your skin. The same can be said about the absorption of self-tanning lotion.

Also, if you decide not to shave, then it can give rise to dark and light spots because of the uneven growth and presence of hair on your body.

Exfoliate before tanning

Exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead skin cells. So your new and fresh skin cells acquire the tan, which lasts for a longer time. At the same time, when you eliminate dead skin cells, you’re allowing the tanned appearance to look smoother.

Don’t shower immediately after tanning

This rule applies to both sunless tanning and sun-tanning. You have to or rather you should wait for at least a few hours before showering. Your tanning lotion demands a few hours, preferably 24 hours, to get absorbed into your skin completely for it to not get washed off by water.

Moisturize before and after tanning

No matter the method of tanning, skin hydration is very important. When the skin is well-moisturized and well-hydrated, it keeps from drying out. And that, in turn, helps in developing a smooth, well-balanced, and glowing tan. This also means making sure your daily water intake is on point.

Proper Technique of Using Tanning Lotion for Men

The technique actually depends on the type of tanning lotion you use. With a self-tanner, apply the lotion after a shower. Cover all the parts of your body you wish to tan evenly. Allow the formula to dry, this shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. And then you can wear your clothes.

As for tanning outdoors or using a tanning bed, apply the lotion right before the tanning session. Once again, make sure to cover the whole body.

Let me also tell you that all tanning lotion manufacturers provide instructions for application. So it’s best to follow them if you want to achieve not only positive but also desirable results.

Commonly Asked Questions About Tanning Lotions

Q. Does tanning lotion prevent skin cancer?

Do tanning lotions prevent skin cancer? The answer is a big NO.

If you think tanning lotions block UV radiation, you’re wrong. Let me tell you that sunscreens do that. On the contrary, tanning lotions intensify UV radiation. As you might already know that tanning accelerators, in fact, boost melanin production for helping you get a darker and faster tan.

It’s quite unfortunate that tanning has the ability to increase your chances of developing skin cancer. A single session ups your risk by 20%. No wonder more and more professional golfers are having to deal with melanoma and basal cell carcinoma. They spend so much time under the sun, and without any sunscreen that too.

So the next time you think about tanning, don’t forget to apply sunscreen along with your tanning lotion.

Q. Which type of tanning lotion is the most suitable for fair skin?

It’s only natural for a fair or pale complexion to turn red and burn easily in comparison to bronzed or brown skin tone. In the case of fair skin, streaks get enhanced and become red. And that’s not the kind of tan you want, right?

So for those with fair skin, go for a tanning formula that creates a golden-brown tan. And also make sure the tanning lotion is equipped with enough hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. Like shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc.

You start with a tanning accelerator first. This gives you a good base tan. Once the base tan is in place, then build the color with a high-quality, deeply moisturizing tanning lotion.

Q. What is the best indoor tanning lotion that gets you the darkest?

Are you interested in getting a deep and dark bronzed appearance? Or do you prefer a solid black tan? Either case, what you might appreciate the most is an advanced skin darkening formula. This tanning lotion is normally infused with different bronzing agents for accelerating the process of tanning.

These formulas also contain silicone emollients for making your skin supple and soft. More often than not, such advanced skin darkening tanning lotions improve the appearance and texture of your skin as well.

The majority of tanning bronzers and these high-power tanning lotions work wonders after you build a decent base tan. If the bronzer is 100X, your chances of getting darker faster are pretty high. This means only a few tanning sessions are required for achieving the same dark bronzed or black look.

The End

There’s not a lot of difference between what men want and what women want from tanning lotions. The same applies to the ingredients to look for and avoid in tanning lotions.

The only issue is that men prefer a more “masculine” scent. So they should choose a tanning lotion that doesn’t smell flowery. Although many men don’t really have a problem with that. But if you do, then that’s okay too because there are many tanning formulas that have a men’s cologne-like fragrance.

Another thing you might want to keep in mind is to go for a lightweight tanning lotion. Nothing too greasy or oily, be it for a man or woman. You obviously don’t want your skin to shine after you apply the tanning lotion. One more good thing about lightweight formulas is that they get absorbed quickly and evenly. No need to keep rubbing the lotion for it to work its magic.

Lydia E. Millen is the founder of Skincare Top List. She created the blog to move one step closer to being a skincare influencer. Her roots are deeply embedded in the professional skin & cosmetics training courses she has undertaken for skincare and beauty. And it’s her vast and expert knowledge that takes the form of this wonderful blog.

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