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How to Know Your Skin Type?

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Because each skin type has its characteristics, dermatologists are very concerned about the different skin types and try to find the right care for each skin type.

Common basic skin types are normal skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, and combination skin. But how to know your skin?

According to dermatologists, the simplest way to identify your skin is to observe and distinguish the characteristics and properties of each skin type.

Observe or use oil blotting paper

Normal skin

Normal skin

Normal skin is a skin type that balances oil and water in harmony. The horny layer on the body is not too dry nor too greasy, but it always maintains a certain moisture level. 

Normal skin is considered the healthiest of all skin types. After washing your face, if you touch the skin with your hands and it feels smooth without being too dry or too oily, your skin will be normal. 

Alternatively, if you are unsure, you can use oil absorbent paper to see if your skin contains a lot of skin or is lumpy and dehydrated.

Oily skin

Oily skin

Oily skin has a very recognizable feature that when you touch your face after a few hours of washing your face, it will feel greasy. When using oil absorbent paper, the oil secreted is soaked in oil absorbent paper. 

Oily skin has a thick layer of oily tissue that tends to be acidic, making pores larger and prone to pimples. 

When the T-zone (forehead, nose) and U-shaped area (chin and cheeks) are shiny and oily, it is a sign of oily skin. 

For those with oily skin, the essential thing is to be careful with choosing a cleanser that cleans up the sebum and prevents dry skin. 

If you still wonder about that problem, 12 Best Face Wash for Teens will advise you to help you to reduce oil and avoid pimples.

Dry skin

Dry skin

What are the different skin types? Dry skin can be distinguished from oily skin by touching the skin with your hands. 

If the skin feels dehydrated, cracked, and even flakes appear as small as peeling skin when touching your skin, your skin is dry. Dry skin is always less oily and less watery. 

When the T-skin (forehead, nose) and U-shaped areas (chin and cheeks) are dry, your skin is dry. For dry skin types, you should only use a cleanser at least once a day. 

Besides, do not forget to use dry skincare cosmetics such as moisturizers, lotions, serums, or foods containing vitamin E, vitamin A to deepen the skin. 

If your dry skin comes from environmental factors, don't hesitate to buy yourself a humidifier. 

You can refer to a few reliable suggestions from the following article 5 Best Humidifier for Dry Skin - Turn Dry Skin Into “Vapor”.

Combination skin

Combination skin

Combination skin is a combination of dry skin and oily skin. The dry skin is usually the cheeks, and the oily skin is usually the T-zone consisting of the chin, nose, and forehead. 

There are two types of combination skin: oily combination skin and combination skin that is prone to dryness. 

Combination skin that tends to be oily will have more skin on the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, while combination skin that is prone to dryness will appear only on a small scale in the T-zone.

You should moisturize dry skin and remove oily areas. Also, a clay mask specializing in combination skin will be the ideal choice for you.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is usually the type of skin that shows signs of skin conditions such as rosacea or something that is easily irritating to the skin. 

Sensitive skin accompanied by symptoms such as prolonged redness of the patient with capillary dilatation, or the appearance of bumps, rashes. This skin type has visible blood vessels and is easier to catch the sun than all skin types. 

Sensitive skin is more prone to irritation when it comes into contact with cosmetic fragrances such as cinnamon oil, peppermint, or cloves. When choosing cosmetics, you should prioritize choosing cosmetics that are natural and have no chemical ingredients.

In addition to the above basic skin types, there is now oily skin that lacks water because the skin cells have a weak water-holding capacity. 

The surface of oily skin that lacks water seems greasy, but in fact, it is not smooth, but rough and rough. 

Skin type requires both water supply and alkaline oil with toner to balance the ratio of water and oil on the skin.

How to find your skin type is not an easy question because there are many other skin types such as aging skin, acne skin, brown spots, ...

Apply skin scanning technology

How to know your skin type? Beyond observing and using oil blotting paper, you can use advanced and modern dermatitis technology. Through the indicators from dermatologists collected, you can know exactly what type of skin your skin is in, the degree of aging, the degree of melasma, acne, and skin lesions. 

After the skin procedure, you will be advised by skin specialists in detail the treatment to overcome the weaknesses of the current skin. 

At the same time, you will be instructed about the right skincare products.


Hope that the above knowledge to distinguish useful skin types will help you to find out how to know your skin type. All skin types have their characteristics and properties. 

So, instead of being self-conscious about your skin, why not get to understand and love your skin in your own way?

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