Crepey skin is a result of your skin losing its elasticity and collagen. When that happens, your skin begins to sag and starts to look crinkled. So to treat and prevent your skin from becoming this way, it’s important to use the best body lotions

10 Best BHA Products for Deep Exfoliation & Fighting Acne, Blackheads

As far as your skincare routine is concerned, it’s only natural and beneficial to be cautious. Because nowadays there are so many

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Best The Ordinary for Acne & Acne Scars for Your Daily Skincare Routine

The Ordinary is in no way an ordinary beauty and skincare label. The brand is slowly becoming synonymous with acne and acne

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Glycolic Acid vs. Salicylic Acid – When and How to Use Them Right?

When you hear the word acid, you immediately think of the solution being too harsh or packed with chemicals that might do

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Is Cetaphil Good for Acne-Prone Skin?

The most common skin problem takes the form of acne. Something that both teenagers and adults are forced to deal with. And

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How Much Does Your Hair Weigh When Dry and Wet?

Let me begin this article by talking about King Solomon’s handsome son, Absalom. This prince’s scalp hair was so heavy that he

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The Best Face Washes & Cleansers for African-American Skin

If you're blessed with beautiful dark skin, you are in luck as you have the lowest risk for sun damage. While sun

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