How to Clean Hair Without Water? Useful Hair Tips for a Busy Life

November 23rd 2021 in Hair Care - 4 mins read

How to Clean Hair Without Water? Useful Hair Tips for a Busy Life

Along with your face, your hair is what makes people notice you the most. It reflects your personality and how you take care of your body as well.  Beautiful and clean hair also can make you more attractive. However, there are times when you are too busy to wash your hair while you still want to look radiant and attractive with clean hair.  

Thus, to manage such situations, tips on how to clean hair without water are extremely necessary. Fortunately, we have more tools to do it in modern life, make hair dry washing activate and be a useful beauty tip for a busy life. Let’s explore in this article. 

Explore simple ways on how to clean hair without water

Explore simple ways on how to clean hair without water

Hair becomes sticky very quickly because of the activities of sebaceous glands under the scalp’s surface. These glands produce oil to moisturize skin. But unlike other skin parts of our body, the scalp is covered with hair. Thus, excess oil will stick on hair strands, especially the root of them, and then they become sticky together. 

After 2 to 3 days, maybe just 1 day in case of oily skin, our hair looks dirty with sticky hair. Of course, it’s time to wash it. But sometimes, you are really too busy to do it.

Fortunately, there are many ways to wash hair without water that you can do easily at home. This principle is that you need to apply on your hair, focusing on the root of hair strands and scalp, substances, which can absorb excess oil and make your hair fragrant. They can be baby powder, rubbing alcohol, dry shampoo spray, foam shampoo, cornstarch, and blotting paper. You can take a look at the following direction to find it more simple when you do it yourself at home.

Use substitutes with similar functions

Substitutes with similar functions include baby powder, rubbing alcohol, rubbing alcohol, and cornstarch. They are common and cheap. You can utilize them to clean your hair in just several minutes.

Baby powder

Take some baby powder into your palm, don’t take too much because it can be clotted on the scalp and make everything worse. Slightly use fingertips to sprinkle the baby powder into the roots of hair strands, then massage them.

Rubbing alcohol

To use this substitute to clean your hair, you need a cotton ball. Don’t pour this liquid on your hair directly. Soak a cotton ball into rubbing alcohol, then use this ball to tap on your hair to absorb greasily. 

Blotting paper

This beauty tool is not just used for facial skin. Put blotting sheets on your scalp to absorb excess oil. It’s also an effective way to clean your hair.


Unlike these substitutes above with just cleaning function, cornstarch is also used to make your hair fragrant. A tip on how to make your hair smell good without washing it, mix cornstarch and cocoa powder in the ratio 4:1. It not only cleans your hair well, but also makes it darker and fragrant. 

Use specialized products

Baby powder, rubbing alcohol, rubbing alcohol, and cornstarch are useful to clean your hair without water. But, in fact, their effect isn’t long-lasting, even only a few hours after cleaning. Therefore, you should consider specialized products for hair dry washing such as dry spray shampoo or foam shampoo for better effect.

Dry shampoo spray

Dry shampoo spray is remarkable because of its convenience. This product is classic, and it’s the right answer to the question: “How to freshen hair without washing?”. To make this shampoo work, shake  and spray it onto your hair at a distance of 6 inches, focusing on the roots of hair strands and scalp for the best effect. Then wait a few minutes to massage your hair.

Foam shampoo

Foam shampoo is exactly a wonderful invention for a busy life. It has the great function of dry spray shampoo, which makes your hair clean and fragrant quickly. Moreover, it can also enhance your hair and be ideal for curly hair.

The white foam of this product can make many people concerned that it will leave color in the hair. But when working on hair, all of the foam will be absorbed and leave nothing visible on your hair. It’s an effective tip on how to clean scalp without washing hair.

Manage sticky hair on busy days with hair styling

Manage sticky hair on busy days with hair styling

If you even don’t have time to clean your hair without water, you can hide it with hair styling. There are several styles for you:

  • Ponytail: It’s a classic way to manage your sticky and greasy hair, at the same time giving you an energetic look.

  • Half-bun: Half-bun is not only a trendy hairdo, but also hides your sticky hair effectively. It’s simple to make this hair style. Divide your hair into 2 layers, top and below one. Pull the top layer into a bun and hold it tight on the top of your head. 

  • Headband: Headband is another choice, which is very suitable to manage your sticky hair but still makes you look radiant.

  • Braid: Braid is a wonderful way to hide your dirty hair by hair styling. A whole hair braid can give you the effect you want. Excess oil can be considered as a hair setting to make your hairdo more impressive. Let’s try!

  • Hat: Similar to the headband, a hat can be your weapon to get rid of all concerns about dirty hair. All you need to prepare a nice hat and use it in case you can't wash your hair in time.


Tips on how to clean hair without water are extremely necessary for a busy life. With lots of information about many effective ways to have hair dry washing and manage your sticky hair with hair styling, hopefully, you find this article useful to help you solve your problem and always be radiant with nice hair. 

Thanks for your reading!

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