How To Match Foundation To Skin – Guide For You!

November 22nd 2021 in Makeup - 5 mins read

How To Match Foundation To Skin – Guide For You!

The beginning of the article is interesting information about the Foundation. There is a small question for you: do you know what a foundation is?

It's simply a concealer for your face. Besides, the foundation also has the effect of brightening and honoring the skin. So a perfect foundation should match the user's skin tone.

However, not everyone also knows How To Match Foundation To Skin. Unless you're a professional makeup artist, check out these ways to find the perfect foundation for your skin tone!

How To Match Foundation To Skin - Best Guide For Everyone

Consider Finishing Your Foundation.

First, you need to know what the purpose of your foundation is. And what kind of situation do you use foundation to orient the color and amount of cream more or less to suit your skin tone?

The foundation, in general, is good coverage for those who need light makeup to cover acne, pigmented areas, or dry skin to name a few. But those who have skincare needs should persistently choose foundations with more nourishing factors because these types help build healthier skin.

How To Pick Foundation Color - Will You Know?

Read Expert Material

In this section, many makeup artists give us advice on how to approach useful information in how to color match foundation. Accordingly, there are two ways.

First, make sure you know your skin tone. Second, you need to take the time to read online reviews to compare products and brands. 

Why is that? The answer is because you will not easily find a good foundation that can match your skin tone the first time you choose and mix colors.

Also, on beauty forums like Sephora or Amazon website, there is a feature that allows users to post photos of themselves after using the product. So you can compare the appropriate foundation tones and skin tones.

This is obviously an effective and cost-effective way to match foundation to skin, right?

Define Your Background Tone

How to match foundation with skin tone - you first must know which undertone your skin is. Accordingly, there are three main types of tones that we should know:

Cold: which means the skin is slightly blue, red, or pink.

Warm: the skin has a coppery, golden, or peach color.

Neutral: a combination of warm and cool shades.

There are a few tips to help you know how to test foundation belongs to which skin tone. These include assessment of hair and eye color, response to sunlight, and color of veins, ect.

• Natural black, brown or blonde hair combined with green, gray, or blue eye colors is a cool skin tone. Chestnut, brown, or amber eyes combined with natural hair of black, auburn, or strawberry blonde are warm tones.

• Skin that turns pink or burns easily in the sun is for people with cool tones; while the skin of people with warm tones often turns bronze or brown when exposed to the sun.

• Veins on the inside of the wrist are blue, indicating cool tones; Green indicates warm colors, purple-blue indicates neutral colors.

Okay, time to check your skin tone, right?

How To Find Foundation Shade With Some Small Tips

Check Out Shades On Multiple Spots On Your Face

It's important to know how to find foundation shade. First and foremost, try swiping a small foundation on the jawline. This streak of cream starts at the jawline, then goes down to the neck. 

Note: you should start with two or three that are closest to your skin tone and then slowly blend them together.

However, for those of you with a gray or tanned complexion, the advice is to try out almost every part of your face where you can match the foundation. For example, the jawline, cheeks, neck, or forehead. 

Keep repeating this until you find the perfect foundation shade for your skin!

Test It In A Few Hours

Another piece of advice for those of you who want to use a safe and effective foundation is that you should take the time to test it out before you buy it.

Accordingly, the Foundation in the bottle in the liquid state has a certain color, but when it dries after applying to your face, it can be oxygenated. It can also vary depending on the pH of the skin. 

So to ensure the color is not oxidized and to prevent your face from being allergic, you need to apply some nutrients to your face before and after applying foundation. 

Feel free to use the foundation that you find most suitable. But if it is allergic to the skin, discard it immediately!

Change The Light To See Its Difference

One trick to check if your foundation matches your skin tone is to go outside to see how it reacts in sunlight. This can be done with the naked eye, you don't need to use technology here!

The ideal time to check for color matching is at noon in which you can most truly perceive the colors. However, make sure that your skin is completely natural, has not used any cosmetics, or has not been tanned before.

Note: if the skin is red or pigmentation is changed, it also affects your foundation.

If you don't like going out at noon, you can also take a selfie with the flash after applying foundation. But, this doesn't always work!

healthy skin

Prepare A Healthy Skin

Before whipping the foundation, you should pre-coat with a thin layer of foundation. In particular, you need to care for skin care as well.

Because when the skin is dead or dry when applying foundation to the skin, the cream will stick to those skin patches and create a very bad-looking plaque. For this reason, you should often exfoliate so that the foundation is absorbed in the most perfect way.

Mix Other Products If You Want To Change Color Or Redo

One thing you need to know is that our skin tones tend to change, so a perfect foundation right now may not be completely appropriate throughout the year so it is important to know how to pick foundation color.

Instead, you should estimate just enough foundation you will use in a short time only. And you should also prepare yourself for more than two types of foundation in case your skin tone changes quickly!

Last Word

The article ends with the desire to answer your How To Match Foundation To Skin question!

However, with information as fast and modern as it is now, we are sure you will find more clinical knowledge about the foundation and how to find foundation match! Hope you find the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone and have healthy skin with the best foundation ever!

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