Recognize Signs of Aging Skin for Effective Prevention

November 23rd 2021 in Skin Care - 4 mins read

Recognize Signs of Aging Skin for Effective Prevention

The skin is the most visible sign, reflecting the changes of the body, including aging. But at the same time, aging skin is also the enemy of the youth and beauty of most women. Soon exploring visible signs of aging skin with common causes and effective solutions can help prevent it more effectively. Let’s explore this in this article.

Internal causes and visible signs of aging skin

Internal causes and visible signs of aging skin

Skin is the most visible reflection of aging. Signs of aging skin can be apparent or faint, causing many people not to pay attention to it. And the result is that the aging skin is more obvious and more difficult to solve, making it less attractive and radiant. 

Have you ever wondered “What happens to skin as we age?”. If the answer is “Yes!”, take a close look at the following descriptions of aging skin. They are also the internal causes that happen below the skin’s surface, making aging skin.

Rough and saggy 

As we are young, the skin is smooth, soft, and elastic. As you get older, the skin slowly loses these features and replaces them with roughness, dryness, and sagging. They may not result from the same cause, but appearing at the same time. 

Saggy and loose skin is caused by a decrease in collagen and elastin production, due to natural regulations of our body. At a certain intensity, saggy and loose skin will form wrinkles with many lines and creases.

At once, hormone change, such as estrogen depletion in women, causes the decrease of sebaceous glands activities, leading to less sebum production to hydrate our skin. It makes the skin rough and dry. In some cases, it is even uncomfortably itchy. Besides, estrogen depletion partly impacts on the decrease in collagen and elastin production.

Transparent and fragile 

Epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue are the 3 layers of skin. When aging, from the age of 30 in general, moisture is transported from the dermis to the epidermis slows down, causing fat cells to shrink. It’s the main reason that skin becomes so thin that we can see blood vessels under the skin's surface. 

Prone to bruised and skin lesions

The cause of skin being prone to bruised is the contraction of the sebaceous glands under the skin as well as blood vessels, leading to less blood and nutrients transferred to the skin. Besides, when the skin is aging, it’s weaker and likely to have skin lesions. Aged skin has poor resilience with even basic damages such as cuts, scratches. It is also easy to scar.

After exploring the signs of aging skin, it’s not hard to answer the question: “Which of the following is not an aging effect on skin?

  1. Hair follicles activate better, creating longer, darker hairs.

  2. Less blood is transferred to the skin (the dermis layer).

  3. Glands under skin surfaces are less active.

The correct answer is the first option

External causes of aging skin and effective solutions

External causes of aging skin and effective solutions

Besides internal causes, aging is also caused by many external factors such as sunlight and smoking.

External causes


Sunlight is one of the most serious factors causing aging skin from the external environment with strong impacts. In this case, the exposure to UVA and UVB radiation damages collagen and elastin fibers of skin cells, leading to saggy and loose skin. Fortunately, this factor is the most preventable cause as long as we are conscious of its danger to our skin health.  


Smoking contributes to aging skin in many ways, including ingredients of cigarettes, smoking action, heat, and smoke.  

Nicotine is the most typical harmful ingredient of cigarettes. This chemical causes blood vessels to shrink, leading to less oxygen and nutrients transferred to skin cells. Sebaceous glands, for example, activate less effectively with less sebum production to hydrate skin. Thus, the skin becomes dryer and rougher.

Other chemicals of ingredients, heat, and smoke also damage the structure and surface of the skin, while smoking action with lip pursing can create lip lines, one of the features of aging skin.  

So, which effect of aging is accelerated by smoking and sun exposure? The most suitable answer is “wrinkles”. 

Sunlight with UVA and UVB radiation damages collagen and elastin fibers of skin cells, leading to saggy and loose skin. It’s obvious that lines and creases will appear and form wrinkles. At the same time, the similar result is also caused by smoking.

Effective solutions 

Aging is a natural process of our body, and we can’t stop it. However, it can be slowed down if we have enough effect on its causes. 

Protect skin from sunlight

Because of serious impacts on the skin, it’s essential to protect skin from sunlight. Sunscreen and coverings are what you need to do it. 

Sunscreen is a familiar and popular cosmetic product. With a variety of textures, SPF numbers ranging from 15 to 50, sunscreens are effectively against UVA and UVB radiation. Sunscreen with a higher SPF is suitable for outdoor activities. Coverings such as glasses, hats, and coats are also necessary to protect your skin from exposure to sunlight.

Make healthy habits

Aging is proven to have a close relationship with daily living habits. Therefore, we can completely slow down the aging process with healthy habits such as healthy habits like getting enough sleep, doing exercise, a nutritious diet, and limiting sugar, especially staying away from smoking.


Aging is a natural process of our body, and aging skin is one of the most visible reflections. In fact, it’s not a serious health issue, but it makes most women less confident about their looks. Fortunately, aging skin can certainly be prevented by effective solutions which affect the causes of aging skin, such as protection from sunlight and staying away from smoking. 

To prevent aging skin more effectively, don’t wait until you can clearly see signs of aging skin, take care of your skin more thoroughly from now on. Thanks for your reading!

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