Where to Put Bronzer?

November 22nd 2021 in Makeup - 6 mins read

Where to Put Bronzer?

In which, bronzer is a makeup method that makes many people fall in love with it. But “where to put bronzer” is not an easy question because makeup techniques from simple to complex can magically transform. 

Beautiful makeup is an extremely meticulous learning process and requires dexterity from the hands as well as the taste of each individual. So where is the most perfect bronzer? 

This article will give you the answer you want. First of all, why do many people choose Bronzer?

Why do many people choose Bronzer?

Why do many people choose Bronzer?

Bronzer is one of the makeup techniques suitable for brown skin, derived from Western aesthetics. Bronzer prefers white skin so that it can quickly darken and give maximum depth to the face. 

You will be able to have honey skin like superstars in magazines without having to spray or apply dye cream. 

The real benefits that bronzer brings are that it can increase the vitality and health of the skin thanks to its warm color and deep tones. 

The bronzer also works in the process of shaping faces, making faces with accents and facial contours clear. 

Bronzer is a step also aimed at making your face clean and neat. But Bronzer is somewhat lighter than Contour. A lot of people confuse Bronzer and Contour.

Bronzer is used after Contour and Highlighter are finished. Bronzer helps Contour and Highlighter to blend with the background look more natural.

That is the reason why many young girls nowadays love bronzer makeup on their cheeks. Currently, bronzer has two forms: cream-type and power bronzer. 

When shopping for bronze, you should also invest in a brush with synthetic fibers. 

According to makeup experts, when choosing cream bronzer skin, you should choose a lighter color from 1 to 2 tones compared to the neck skin color. 

But there are many different types of skin, so how do you use bronzer to avoid streaks on your face?

Bronzer is suitable for each skin type

Bronzer is suitable for each skin type

Dry skin

For dry and light skin, you should use a cream bronzer instead of powder. 

Also, when using, you can wipe a little bronzer mixed with moisturizer and spread evenly on the back of your hand before applying it to your face. Where to put bronzer? 

You need to pay attention to apply the areas where the sun is most easily exposed such as cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead. You can use more beauty blenders to make the volume easier.

However, for dry skin with medium tones, you should not combine it with a moisturizer because it is easy to make the powder color smudge. 

Particularly for dry skin with dark tones, you should use a powder with emulsion to make the skin more shiny and shiny. 

Where to put bronzer? You can brush bronzer on the cheeks, nose waves, along the eye contour a thin layer to aim.

Combination skin and normal skin

For both normal and combination skin with light colors, a cream bronzer is a perfect choice. You just need to apply a layer of moisturizer to the surface and massage beforehand. 

Once the nutrients have penetrated deeply into your skin, you can begin to highlight.

For normal skin and combination skin with medium color, you should prefer to choose a bronzer with liquid powder that has been spread evenly on the back of your hand and applied to your face. 

If you have dark skin, don't be afraid to pat the bronzer on the waves of your nose, forehead as well as cheeks to make your face sharp and deep.

Sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and oily skin

For the above skin types with light tones, you should use bronzer, compress powder, or liquid powder that is darker than your face to make it easier to highlight. 

A small note when choosing bronzer colors for beginners is to choose a bronzer that is 2 tones darker than real skin so that when applying bronzer makeup to the best effect.

You can apply a little more toner when creating volume. For people with average skin color, it's best to wait until the moisturizer, primer or foundation is very dry before starting to use the bronzer. 

If you have not found a satisfactory moisturizer or foundations, you can try the following article The 6 best face moisturizers for black skin (2020) or the Best foundation for large pores.

Bronzer for face shape

Bronzer for face shape

Wide face

For a wide face, you should apply bronzer powder at the side of the cheeks, extending from the temples to the corner of the jaw will make the face slimmer.

Long face

For long faces, let’s put bronzer in the position below the cheekbones, pulling horizontally towards the ears will help the face become fuller and more balanced.

How can you keep your hair as beautiful as just dyed and long-fading? The secret is here!

Round face

Round face

To make your round face more elegant, you should put the bronzer in the shape of a crescent moon on the cheeks under your temples with two pointed ends pointing towards the ears, while also hitting along the jawbone.

Where to put bronzer?

Where to put bronzer?

After paying attention to the appropriate skin type, face shape, and bronzer color for makeup, let's learn how to apply bronzer. Here are some steps you should take when wondering "where to put bronzer?":

  • Step 1: You cleanse your face and depending on your skin type to pre-apply powder, BB cream, primer, primer, moisturizer, or toner

  • Step 2: Put bronzer by number three or letter E to surround the face and cheeks. First, use a dark bronzer to hit on the cheekbones, near the edge of the hair as well as the jaw area.

  • Step 3: You should lightly sprinkle the brush upwards to make the skin look natural and without too much powder.

  • Step 4: You can use more eye-catching powder as well as blush to emphasize more contours on the face.

Some small notes when putting bronzer

Some small notes when putting bronzer

The usual put bronzer technique is to gently blow the brush head to look natural. You need to rotate the brush tip to make the bronzer more even and cooler. 

You just need to gently dab on the powder and then flick it out so that the color is not too dark.

Also, be careful when rotating the brush tip vertically from bottom to top and rotating in a circle. The amount of bronzer powder is not too much because it is both wasteful and makes you age a lot. 

If you make too many bronzers on your face, especially cheeks, you can use a tissue to absorb, not a makeup remover. On another note, never forget to apply bronzer to your jawbone. 

Because if not applied there, your face will lack neatness and much slimmer.

Note that you should not put bronzer on the entire face, but only focus on putting bronzer on the jawbone, forehead, and cheekbones. 

Also, the skin tone of the face and neck must match if you don't want to look ridiculously opposite. So after the perfect face makeup, apply a little powder to the neck for the same tone.


Surely through this article, you have learned how to make up with bronzer and where to put bronzer like Western hot girls with healthy honey skin, right? 

Let's try and experience the amazing effects that bronzer brings to you!

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