How Long Does Eyeshadow Last? – Not Just an Expiration Day

November 22nd 2021 in Makeup - 4 mins read

How Long Does Eyeshadow Last? – Not Just an Expiration Day

Eyeshadow is an indispensable make-up product for your incredible look. Not just information about colors, make-up styles, brands or prices, customers now are more careful with the quality of make-up products like eyeshadow and “How long does eyeshadow last?” is one of the most concerning questions about them. 

With much useful information, this article will help you take a closer look at the meaning of expiration day and determining it to purchase and utilize better. Let’s start.

Eyeshadow plays an important role to make stunning look for women

1. “How long does eyeshadow last?”: Useful information to know more clearly about expiration day

Does eyeshadow expire?

Remember, even drinking water has an expiration date. Everything will expire. By the standards of modern production, all manufacturers must show the expiry date of the goods on the packaging. 

It is the period of time that the product assures its effects without being affected by the environment and other chemical reactions. To avoid unfortunate risks, consumers should always pay attention to the expiry date and use the item before that date.

Because the ingredients of make-up products are entirely chemical, the time to use them is usually not too long. Thus, makeup expiry date is what you should consider before buying makeup to avoid wasting money, especially when you spend a lot of money on make-up products in general, eyeshadow in particular but only use a few times. 

What happens if you use expired eyeshadow?

However, there is still a group of consumers who do not consider the expiry date of their make up products. In fact, some of the well-preserved products, even after their expiry date, still look good. Therefore, it’s common sense that many people are concerned: “Does eyeshadow really expire?”.

New make-up products are firmly packed to not come into contact with the environment. But when you open them, the ingredients of the product will be exposed to oxygen, moisture in the air along with the impurities such as dust, bacteria, causing reactions to degrade the quality of the products.

Within the ideal initial time interval, also specified as the expiry date, these small reactions have little impact on makeup. But after this time, who can know for sure what happened in those chemicals, even if it still looks gook?

With dryer texture, expired make-up products are hard to apply. It’s the first invisible sign that you should stop using it immediately. Don’t think about using water or other solvents to moisten it. Because this reaction just brings more bacteria to your products with worse quality and effect as well.  

The worst impact when you’re stubborn to use expired make-up products is causing acne and irritation because of the change of substances in their ingredients. 

About eyeshadow, the texture will also be dry and hard to apply. Its color is no longer stunning. Definitely you don’t want to have unattractive make-up like this. 

Expiration date on packaging is not all

In common, expiration day is shown on the packaging. But in many cases, it’s removed or discarded. So, how do you know if eyeshadow is bad? Pay attention to these features below:

  • Strange smell

  • Dryer and crumble texture

  • Uncomfortable feeling on eye skin

Even when the expiration date is not yet reached, if you see these features at your eyeshadow, throw it away. It’s time to substitute a new one.

Dry and crumble expired eyeshadow

2. Make clear “How long does eyeshadow last?” for smarter purchase and utilization

How long does eyeshadow last?

In common, eyeshadow, as well as other products for face like foundation and primer last for 24 months from when they’re opened. That type of make-up product also has the longest use time. 

In the case of lipsticks, use time is up to 12 months. Mascara and eyeliner have the shortest use time with just 3 months because of their special texture.  

Determine expiration day of eyeshadow for smarter purchase and utilization

The information about expiry day really makes sense, helping answer the question “How often should you buy new eyeshadow?”. Because this product only can be in good condition for 24 months from when you open it, don’t hesitate and try to use up the expired one. All you should do is throw it away and substitute a new one. Thus, it’s logical that the ideal time to buy new eyeshadow is every 2 years.

But it’s hard to keep you away from a wide range of stunning eyeshadow products on the current market with all make-up styles while you already have a good product. Thereby, you can have 2 or more eyeshadows at once and it’s clear that you can’t use them up in 2 years, unless you do the make-up frequently. 

So, remember to throw your eyeshadows away after 2 years no matter how many times you have used them to protect your eye and eye skin from their bad effect. Although it may not be an economical decision.

Another significance of determining expiry day of eyeshadow is to help you make a decision about the type of this product, whether you should choose an expensive high-end eyeshadow or cheaper drug-store one when you don’t do the make-up frequently. Because regardless of the price, their shelf life is the same.


Expired eyeshadow can cause many bad effects on your skin and your make-up. That’s why understanding the importance of expiration dates and determining expiration dates of make-up products in general, eyeshadow in particular help you make the smarter decision in purchase and utilization. 

The tip to purchase this product is make clear your demands of using eyeshadow to choose the expensive high-quality eyeshadow or affordable good-quality one, specific eyeshadows for each make-up style or multiple ones as well.

Let’s be a smart consumer to not only get stunning looks with your favorite eyeshadow, but also save your budget for make-up products. 

Thanks for your reading!

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