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How to Dye Your Hair Blonde at Home?

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Unlike simple hair cuts, hair dyeing can significantly renew your look and make a strong impression to others. But, not all hair dyeing will help you be more attractive, especially when you don’t choose the right hair dye color and don’t have the right dyeing process, either. 

On current hair dyeing trends, blonde is still one of the most favorite hair dye colors with the contiguity to fun and dynamism. This color is a good choice to make an attractive look. Fortunately, you can dye your hair blonde at home, without a hair professor. 

If you are going to change your hair with this color, don’t skip this article. It will figure out how to dye your hair blonde at home with lots of useful information. Let’s start.

Of course, a hair professor is the perfect choice to help you change your hair with a new remarkable color. But, it’s no problem to do it yourself at home to save your budget and explore some interesting things about hair styling as well. 

In case you want to change your hair yourself, it’s necessary to make clear how to dye your hair blonde with the way to find the right shade of blonde, carry out the dyeing process, prepare tools and take care of your hair before and after dyeing. 

In fact, each color can have a wide range of shades that our eyes sometimes can’t distinguish. But it's common sense in hair styling. Each shade of a concrete color can be go with a type of skin undertone to make the best combination for an incredible look. That’s why you should choose your right shade of blonde carefully before starting your hair dyeing.

Determine your skin undertone: warm toned skin or cool toned skin? There are many ways to do it, but you can try this simple way with a close look at your wrist. You will see your vein clearly. If it’s blue, your skin undertone is warm and if it’s green, you have cool toned skin. 

To stand out your skin, you should choose a shade of blonde similar to your skin undertone. Warm toned skin goes with warm shades such as strawberry blonde, golden or caramel blonde and cool toned skin goes with cool shades such as platinum, pearl or sand blonde. 

But the good advice is that you should choose natural shades of blonde, just up to 3 tones lighter than your natural hair to dye at home. Because they don’t require many techniques or steps which only professional hair stylists can do.

2. How to dye your hair blonde at home? 2-step process and common questions

Dyeing process

After finding your suitable shade of blonde, dyeing process is the decisive factor to create your incredible look with blonde hair. 

As analyzed above, you should choose the shades of blonde which are just up to 3 tones lighter than your natural shade. It's a safe choice if you are a beginner and don’t have good dyeing skill. Thereby, the dyeing process will be more simple. 

Before starting, prepare enough hair dye for your whole head at one time dyeing, lighter powder (also known as bleach), suitable developer and toner for bleaching. You also need some dyeing tools such as: plastic mixing bowl, hair dye brush, plastic gloves and hair sectioning clips. 

In this article, we focus on dyeing hair with permanent hair dye. Dyeing process includes 2 main steps: lighten your hair (bleach) and tone your hair. 

At each step, it’s necessary to keep your hair clean, but don’t wash out all the natural oil of hair and brush your hair carefully to make sure it’s not tangled. That’s the condition to spread substances steadily on your hair. Section your hair to equal parts. It can be 4 or 8 parts, depending on the thickness of your hair. Slighter the part is, the better the hair dye activates on your hair.

Bleaching your hair

  • Mix lighter powder with the developer at the suitable rate due to the direction of the manufacturer.
  • Start bleaching from the end to the root of your hair. Make sure you keep your head skin away from bleach substance at one inch distance. It takes up to 45 minutes until you wash your hair
  • Do quickly. Be careful and don’t miss any single hair piece.

Toning your hair

This is the finish step, deciding that you will attain your desired shade of blonde or not.

  • Mix toner with the developer at the suitable rate due to the direction of the manufacturer. You will need less developer than the case of bleach.
  • Start toning from the root to the end of your hair. Unlike bleach, you can apply toner on the whole hair. Brush carefully for the steady coverage. It takes up to 30 minutes until you wash your hair.

Most common questions about how to dye your hair blonde

To explore more about how to dye your hair blonde at home, you can take a look at these most common questions below.

How long does it take to dye hair?

The dyeing process includes 2 steps, lightening and toning your hair. You can do each step separately. In this case, time to dye your hair depends mainly on the time bleach or toner applied on your hair. If you do both steps at once, the dyeing process can last up to 4 hours.

How often can you dye your hair?

It depends on the type of hair dye you use for changing your hair color. In case of temporary hair dye, it takes a short time to dye your hair again, it can be 14 days or up to 3 times shampoo. In case of semi-permanent hair dye, you should wait until your hair color fades. If you use permanent hair dye, it takes a bit longer, about 6 weeks for the new dyeing. 

Is it possible to dye your hair blonde without bleaching?

It’s compulsory to have something to lighten it before toning. If you don’t want to bleach your hair with lighter powder, you can try some natural ingredients such as orange, lemon, tomato or vinegar. But of course, it’s less effective than using lightning powder.


With lots of information about the way to determine your right shade of blonde, 2-step dyeing process and some common questions about dyeing hair blonde, hopefully you find it useful and help you know clearly how to dye your hair blonde. Let’s try and attain your desired hair color. 

Thanks for your reading!

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