Best Tips to Pocket: How To Grow Hairline Back Naturally

November 23rd 2021 in Hair Care - 4 mins read

Best Tips to Pocket: How To Grow Hairline Back Naturally

Having long and healthy hair is a dream of many women. However, they often encounter the same trouble of losing hair frequently. To get rid of that situation, you might be wondering how to grow hairline back naturally?

Let’s continue reading this article to explore the easiest and most effective solution for your problem!

Hair loss is the problem of many people these days.

Why Does Your Hair Fall Out?

Before finding out how to grow hair on bald head naturally, we must first determine why the recession of your hairline happens. More specifically, there are many reasons for women's hair loss, including Having thin hair genetic, long-term tightening hairstyle, inflammatory such as lichen planopilaris or Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia problems with the wrong function of immune cells to attack follicles of your hair. 

You need to have a thorough look at your background and visit a dermatologist to clarify the reason for the alopecia situation.

Finding the reason for the hair loss is the first step to solve the problem

Additionally, the hereditary features and the hormonal changes can lead to receding your hairline, which treatments from a doctor can solve the issue. If you find your mom or your family members obtain receding or thin hairlines, you might have a dermatologist to help work it out.

After six or nine months of birth, your hair might not naturally grow in three weeks. Although this is a normal situation for every woman, we want to ensure that you will find an effective solution to solve the problem as soon as after reading this article.

A recommended method is to keep consuming prenatal vitamins after birth as long as you’re breastfeeding. In this way, you can retain strong hair and lessen the fallout situation.

For more details on how to restore hair follicles, let’s continue reading to find out.

How To Grow Hairline Back Naturally?

The below content will provide you with the quickest and practical ways to regrow hair naturally in 3 weeks; make sure that you take note of all the steps. 

Keep Hair Extension Away From The Hairline

The constant weighing or pulling of the strands might lead to a weak hairline. Placing the glue or tape for the extensions too close to your hairline significantly impacts the recession. It is best not to let the extensions next to your head front part as this is the most delicate part, which can lead to the permanent hair loss situation.

For the alternative option for a healthy and long hair look, try to clip experimenting styles. In this way, you will have a lovely fuller look while you also keep the hair safe.

If you need the extension, try to position it further on the head back or crown so that your hairline can take a rest. Remember to take them down for leasing scalp after each application or before going to bed.

Release Up-Dos

Chance is you never need extensions but frequently have a ponytail as a fabulous appearance. But what might a ponytail cause to your hair? The stress and breakage of up-do bring to the scalp is a big deal. Therefore, it would be best to loosen your ponytail a little to reduce the tension on the scrap and prevent you from getting a ponytail headache. 

Massages Your Head

Scalp Massage in the Right Way

Having a professional treatment or taking supplements might be quite costly; another good hair growth treatment you can take is to do the scalp massage. More specifically, the frequent massages on the hair scalp can encourage new hair development by improving blood circulation. This method will surely help fill lightly on the bald spot.

A basic way to massage your hair is to move your fingers gently in a circular pattern. It is crucial to practice every day for about 15 minutes to gain the best result. Besides, remember to avoid firmly pressing on the hairline, as it might stunt the hair development.

During the massage process, use your finger pads only. Be aware that fingernails can hurt your hair scarp.

Use Nourishing Oils

For some cases, massage is not enough to grow hair on a bald spot. That is why you should have the assistant of nourishing oil. In detail, the implementation of healthy ingredients will promote the process of regrowing hair. 

You ought to avoid using petroleum products as they can log up the hair pore. Furthermore, the oil type you can utilize is tea tree oil that helps to unclog the follicles and nourish the hair roots. 

A DIY mixture is also a good idea for you to go with; its ingredients will include: Tea tree drops, carrier oil, jojoba, almond, or coconut oil. After well mixing, apply and massage the scalp with that liquid before thoroughly rinse them. You will find your hair softer and stronger from the nourished roots, which is important for the new hair growth.

For more handy tips on hair growth treatments diy, take a look at these methods.

Try Healthy Meals

A good diet with various essential vitamins every day plays a significant role in retaining your hair and body health. The healthy menu must include fresh vegetables and fruits, raw grains, protein from lean, and many glasses of water.

If you lack the essential vitamin, try to adjust the bad eating habit right away to avoid a hair loss situation. Iron deficiency is also one of the most common reasons for women’s alopecia, especially vegetarians or over menstruating. For iron supplements, here are some key foods you might want to add to your meal: spinach, mushroom, and broccoli.


We hope that you’ve figured out ways to take care of your hair through this article, “How To Grow Hairline Back Naturally.” Methods to regrowth your hair cannot work out overnight; they will take you time and patience. Hence, it is important to keep yourself persistent and patient to achieve the goal. 

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