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Why Is My Hair Falling Out

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Hair loss is a normal activity of our body. As usual, healthy people lose between 60 to 100 hair strands per day. The lost hair strand will be replaced by a new one, and it doesn’t affect anything on our look. But, it’s a big deal if the number is more than 100. 

In this case, you may have some health issues or be adversely affected by the external environment, and hair loss not only makes you worry about your look. It’s also the signal that you need to take care of yourself more thoroughly. 

If you are querying “Why is my hair falling out?”, let’s explore the most common causes of hair loss in this article to find the solutions for your hair issue.

To know “How do I stop my hair from falling out?”, figure out the causes. In some cases, you need to speak to a doctor for a medical examination.

Internal causes

Gene regulation

At a certain age, many people, mostly men, will have more hair loss every day, then become bald. The main reason is genetic regulation. The rate of this hereditary baldness is that if a boy has a bald father, he has 50 percent to be bald in future. If he has a bald grandfather at the maternal side, the percentage is 25. If both of them are bald, he’s certainly bald in the future.

Hereditary baldness is caused by an increased sensitivity to a male post-hormone (dihydrotestosterone). Due to hereditary factors, the amount of dihydrotestosterone will soon increase excessively, making the hair follicles shrink and the hair stem cells weaken. 

Hormone change

Rather similar to the case of hereditary baldness, a type of hair loss which results from excess amount of dihydrotestosterone, a male post-hormone, menopausal and pregnant women also have hair loss because of hormone change. Unfortunately, if this change really causes your hair issue now, it’s hard to solve. 

In case of pregnancy and menopause, dietary supplements can be useful to reduce hair loss a bit. 

Hair styling

Traction alopecia

Traction alopecia is hair loss that results from physical forces of hairdressing or other hair care. Using tight ponytails, brushing aggressively and frequently are typical examples. The problem happens when we use forces stronger than the endurance of hair follicles, make it diminish and less nutrients supplying for hair. 

Heat tools

Heat can adversely affect your hair. Heat tools for hairdressing include hair dryer, hair curling, straightener, and more. They are the necessary tools to make up our hair. But it’s not good for skin hair. Frequent use of these tools weakens hair follicles and hair shaft, making hair fall out more, as well as breakage.  


Hair dye is the best choice to color your hair for an impressive look. But chemicals in this product’s ingredients significantly affect your hair health, making it fall out more than usual. 

It’s more serious when you use unguaranteed products with low prices. Thus, the good advice is that don’t over-dye or dye your hair too frequently and just use good products.

Irritation with shampoo

Shampoo can be a cause of hair loss you should consider. If you use the new shampoo and your hair falls out more, you may suffer from the irritation with shampoo. In this case, you should change the type of shampoo.  

Medical problems

Side effects of medications

Side effects of medications cause hair loss because they can interfere with hair growth. The intensity of impact is not the same for each person. Here are some types of medications, which can cause hair loss: vitamin A in acne medications, drugs for cholesterol control, antidepressants, drugs for cancer treatment, etc. 

Disorders and diseases

“Is it bad if your hair falls out a lot?”, in this case, the answer is “Yes!”. Disease has a close relationship with hair loss. Because this hair issue results from not only disorders and disease, but also side effects of medications treating other diseases. 

Some disorders and diseases causing hair loss include: Thyroid disease, scalp infection, alopecia areata, insomnia, etc. 

Lifestyle factors


Stress is one of the top enemies of beauty. This psychological problem leads to increased cortisol release. It's a type of hormone affecting oil production on the skin surface, as well as hair growth.

Nutritional deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies are the right answer to the question “What is your body lacking when your hair falls out?” Here are some essential substances for your health and preventing your hair from falling out too much: zinc, iron, niacin, fatty acids, selenium, vitamin A, D, E, folic acid, biotin, amino acids, and proteins, etc

External factors

Weather change

Each season with various humidity can significantly impact on our health. Sunlight also does harm, leading to split hair ends and fade its color. Moreover, it’s considered that hair loss can be seasonable for some people.

Polluted water

If you are using unguaranteed water to shampoo, it will cause hair loss and scalp infections. Thus, if your hair loss results from unguaranteed water, let’s purify it clearly before using it.


Hair loss is a normal activity of our body. The hair loss will be replaced by a new one and it doesn’t affect anything on our look. It just becomes serious when your hair falls out more than usual.

With a lot of information about causes of hair loss, hopefully, you find it useful to figure out the causes of your hair loss. Because you may have some health issues or be adversely affected by the external environment, and hair loss can be the signal that you need to take care of yourself more thoroughly. 

Thanks for your reading!

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