Best Chairs for Pregnancy to Provide Back Pain Relief & Improve Posture

December 2nd 2021 in Pregnancy - 27 mins read

Best Chairs for Pregnancy to Provide Back Pain Relief & Improve Posture

Pregnancy is a very important time; this goes without saying, right? But is it also common knowledge that pregnant women now have all kinds of products they can choose to make such a difficult time of their life not only easier but also more comfortable? If yes, then how about getting to know the best chairs for pregnancy!

Physical changes and pregnancy go hand in hand. So do mental changes and pregnancy, let’s not underestimate that aspect either. But, in this post, I am more concerned with the physical aspect. After all, if your body is comfortable, at ease, and pain-free, even your mind benefits, doesn’t it?

So speaking of comfort and no pain, it’s time for you to ditch your regular work or home chair to make room for something incredibly cozy and also supportive.

Reviews of the Best Chair for Pregnancy

1. Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

The first star of the show is this comfortable and charming Storkcraft creation. It’s a smooth gliding rocker chair ideal for not only pregnant women but also for nursing your newborn after delivery. You can rock your precious angel to sleep in this one.

The seating room, as you can see, is nothing but generous. Then there are padded cushions in the armrest. Along with storage pockets for your baby’s burping cloths, blankets, water, snacks, books, and whatever else you require at the time of lounging or feeding.

The material used is soft, durable, abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, and heat-resistant chenille. Speaking of the fabric, it’s spot-cleanable. Meaning no need to worry about stains and spills. But it’s the fact that you get an ottoman too that makes the deal so tempting. Just the idea of relaxing or nursing your baby with your feet up sounds comforting.

The ottoman features enclosed metal-built ball bearings. These bearings make the task of gliding the ottoman easy and smooth. And bonus points for the whole set flaunting a neutral color and finish, thus perfect for any type of home décor.


Made of luxurious chenille fabric.

Ball bearings enable smooth motion.

Wood construction is solid, therefore durable.


Back cushioning is not evenly distributed in the top and bottom.

2. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair

The time has come when I get to review the best office chair for pregnant ladies. It’s this recent AmazonBasics creation that has gained so much popularity already. All thanks to the excellent lumbar support the desk chair provides. It’s the adjustable-type swivel chair perfect for pregnant women who spend hours seated at work in front of a computer.

The ergonomic, comfortable design features structured cushioning, tilt mechanism, and pneumatic adjustments for seat height. This chair is a favorite choice among gamers as well. Basically, for all those people who spend long hours seated.

The exterior is supple, smooth, high-quality leather. The durability of this thing is truly impressive. And so is the design and positioning of the caster wheels. The 360 degrees rotation of these wheels makes way for pivoting, rolling, and multi-tasking.

There’s not just abundant back support but also full-body support. In the back, the padding keeps your spine and back muscles free of any discomfort or pain. Then even the armrest and headrest areas are well-cushioned. The seat cushion as well consists of supportive padding.

The tilt and height mechanisms are adjustable for customizing your sitting position. So you can sit for the longest and busiest workday without feeling uncomfortable. Whether pregnant or not!


High-back chair ideal for tall and big bodies.

Well-padded, larger armrest.

It arrives mostly assembled.


Seat padding is slightly firm.

3. BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair

BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair

Let me point out that this desk chair is BIFMA-certified. Meaning it ensures safety for users heavier than 250 pounds. Now I’m not implying that all or even most pregnant women are heavier than 250 pounds. All I’m trying to say is that the chair has the capacity to withstand and support the heavier weight. That’s all.

Moving on, the BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair is specially crafted for you to unwind. Not only does the chair prevent the onset of back pain, but it also alleviates existing backache. Due to pregnancy or long office hours.

The backrest is generously padded, no doubt. But it’s the seat cushioning that relieves all the back discomfort as well as leg pain. In fact, it’s also very useful for posture-improving purposes.

One look at it and you know that it’s an ergonomically-designed, very comfortable high-back chair for work. The product features soft polyurethane leather lining. And just so you know, polyurethane is both water-resistant and oil-resistant. This makes the chair even more long-lasting and tempting to buy.

As for comfort customization, you get to adjust the tilt and height to suit your preferences. Something that pregnant women are bound to make the most of. Am I right? Along with that, the 360 degrees mobility of the swiveling wheels is also quite remarkable.

 If you ask me, this office chair is the perfect example of the best combination of quality, price, and comfort.


The seat is wide enough to sit in whatever comfortable position you like.

Back cushion side bolsters add more support.

Adjustable height and rocking feature.


Unfortunately, no lumbar adjustments.

4. Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Rocker Recliner

Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Rocker Recliner

To be honest, who needs a bean bag pregnancy chair when you have the most comfortable recliner swivel glider! I’m talking about none other than the Odelia Swivel Rocker Recliner by Naomi Home.

It’s got a solid frame with a padded footrest and armrest. Along with 360 degrees swivel motion. You can relax in it during pregnancy, and even after delivery when nursing your newborn.

The well-cushioned footrest is also adjustable by the way. As for the padding in this region, it provides extra comfort without the shadow of a doubt. And with adjustability here, your recliner chair offers greater flexibility.

The smooth, 360 degrees swivel gliding makes the chair a perfect place to relax and unwind. The shape of the rocker recliner, as is quite obvious, is square. This means more space to park your butt, back, and legs. Speaking of which, the chair is equipped with spring core foam. This means nothing but ultimate comfort. Along with soft upholstery that you might never get enough of.

Needless to say, this chair is the epitome of a sturdy build, full-range motion, and superior comfort.


Square-shaped for more room.

Minimal effort for assembly, thanks to the tools provided.

Moves into the recline position very easily.


The upright position is slightly uncomfortable.

5. Lifestyle Power Recliner

Lifestyle Power Recliner

Not every single time do the best chairs for pregnancy have to look like they’re going to transform into Autobots from the movie Transformers. Am I right? What I’m trying to say is that the chair can look simple and offer simple functionality yet be a popular choice. In that case, here’s the simple yet phenomenal Lifestyle Power Recliner.

The chair is equipped with generous padding, no doubt. The coils present in the seating are individually wrapped and tailored inside a soft, durable fabric. On top of that, the expert seaming gives smooth lines. Meaning the whole appearance/feel of the recliner is clean and casual.

The Power Recline feature consists of the full chaise to provide leg support. Then there’s also the USB port for charging. The first on the list built with a USB charging port!

The chances are you’ll end up buying more than one. That’s how comfortable the recliner really is, irrespective of whether you’re pregnant or not. The controls of the chair are very simple to use. Assembly too is a very easy undertaking in this case.

To be honest, it might not be a heavy-duty recliner chair. Nevertheless, this product is built to last and provide ultimate comfort and support not only to your spine but also your buttocks and legs.


The fabric feels very soft, comfortable, and durable.

USB charging socket included.

Neutral-colored to match any home décor.


Not very comfortable for those taller than 6 feet.

6. HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair

HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair

I can give you not one, not two, and not even three but many more reasons as to why you should ditch plastic chair for pregnant ladies to choose this HON Executive Chair. For starters, the chair features a mesh back and mesh cushioning with double-padded layers. So your back and pregnant body can feel comfortable during your long day at work.

The recline feature is easily adjustable. You get the golden opportunity to customize the support in the lower back region as well. Even pneumatic height adjustability is a part of the deal. Isn’t that amazing considering the physical changes and discomfort your body goes through during pregnancy.

The arms of the chair are adjustable too. Meaning you can move them up or down. Along with away from and toward your body. You can easily swivel around as well. Even wheeling over is something that happens easily and smoothly.

It’s a high-back chair made of only top-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability. And another piece of great news is that the larger scale and reinforced frame have the ability to support a weight of 450 pounds. That’s how well-built and well-equipped this work chair is.


Excellent lumbar support.

Mesh back prevents sweating.

Arm height adjustability adds extra comfort.


Armrests start to show signs of wear and tear quickly.

7. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Here’s an easy chair for pregnancy ladies at work that performs quite exceptionally. The design of the Steelcase Gesture Chair takes its inspiration from the human anatomy. So, needless to say, it’s structured for the way we sit and work these days.

The work chair supports all kinds of sizes and postures. That is what makes it suitable for pregnant women. The exceptional 3D LiveBack adjusts automatically to the natural shape and movement of your spine. Meaning it contours to suit your posture through your back, arms, and seat.

The arm placement is a little toward the back. This means posture correction is a part of the experience here. On top of that, the seat edges are soft to activate more comfort.

As for adjustments, you get 2 easy-to-operate, intuitive controls that respond instantly to your adjustments. There’s the front knob for controlling seat depth and height. And the back knob is for controlling variable back-stop and tension.

As a pregnant woman, you might highly appreciate the chair’s remarkable core equalizer. This particular feature consists of an excellent torsional spring. The spring has the capacity to adjust with the back and seat angle for delivering minimal lumbar support when in deep recline and maximum lumbar support when the chair is upright.

So you don’t have to look for the best chair for back support during pregnancy anymore. Be it for your home or office; this one fits pretty well in both scenarios.


An extremely comfortable chair ideal for constant backache.

Air pockets below the foam offer comfort and support.

Heavy-duty frame and adjustable armrest.


The seat is angled slightly downward.

8. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair

The Embody Chair by Herman Miller is a very popular choice among gamers and those that spend long hours sitting in front of the computer. It, no doubt, promotes a healthy posture. And a good posture is essential if you spend a lot of time sitting.

A chair like this makes your back feel like it’s getting all the ergonomic support it demands. At the same time, the chair allows your body to move. The narrow back design makes room for twisting and reaching for anything you like. While the spine of the chair adjusts automatically to the natural curve of your body.

Be it the reclined position or the upright one, this chair’s lumbar support sticks with your back throughout. And when a chair gives you freedom of movement, your back is bound to feel better. Even blood circulation receives a boost, thus your brain gets all the oxygen it requires to focus better.

So there’s no denying that the Herman Miller Embody Chair is specially designed for sitting enthusiasts. And pregnant women of course.


The 6 ergonomic functions promote good posture.

Textile covering enables air circulation and keeps your body cool.

The chair is 95-percent recyclable once it inches closer to the end.


Cushioning is a bit lacking.

9. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner

If you get the Yandel Power Lift Recliner, the chances are this chair would be the most comfortable seat in your house. It’s highly likely you might not want to stand up anytime soon once you sit on the chair.

The product features beautiful, fine craftsmanship. The visual appeal is also one of comfort, style, and endurance. There are corner-blocked frames, pillowtop armrest, bustle back lumbar support, oversized design, nailhead tufting and trim, and reinforced metal footrest and seat. So it’s safe to say that every feature is designed for providing the ultimate comfort and support.

This is a perfect example of the time when functionality meets style. Together, they make this recliner chair a must-have for pregnant women. All you have to do is press a button for the chair to ease your back as well as to elevate your legs. An ideal lounging experience if you ask me!

With thick cushions, durable leather upholstery, and high-back, Power Lift invites nothing but comfort into the picture. Speaking of leather, the leather upholstery is not actually leather. Instead, it’s thick poly-fiber material that offers the coziest feel.

So you simply cannot go wrong with a chair like this. Especially for times like pregnancy or if your priority at home is to lounge for as long as you want!


Extremely functional, amazingly comfortable, and super-attractive.

It fully reclines and lifts high enough.

Metal reinforcements ensure good construction and durability.


It’s a heavy and bulky recliner.

10. Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

Since the previous pick is a heavy and bulky option, how about getting something smaller instead? I mean not everyone has enough space in the living room or bedroom to accommodate a large chair.

So for those that wish to save space, you should consider buying the Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider. It has a small footprint and is perfect for supporting your body at the time of pregnancy.

The rounded back of this chair is generously cozy and soft. On top of that, the seat is spacious for all the lounging, relaxing, cuddling, etc. you want.

What’s exceptional here is the metal swivel system base. This mechanism lets you turn as well as glide a complete 360 degrees.

As for the construction of the chair, stain-resistant, water-repellent, and ultra-soft micro-suede is used. This material feels soft and comfortable, no doubt. On top of that, it also looks very smooth and luxurious. And what’s also smooth is the gliding motion, as I already told you.

So if buying a space-saving pregnancy chair is your concern, you’ve finally found it.


The chair has a small footprint, perfect for small spaces.

The material used is stain-resistant and water-resistant.

It feels extremely comfortable, no matter your height.


Not a lot of lower back support as in the others

11. Baby Relax Double Rocker

Baby Relax Double Rocker

Who says you cannot use your pregnancy chair after delivery too? Someone who hasn’t given the Double Rocker by Baby Relax a try! With this, the brand claims that “two doesn’t have to feel like a crowd.” At least not as long as you have a spacious chair for your comfort. Even with your newborn, the rocker offers enough room. So you can stretch out and move about how much ever you like.

Compared to other standard chairs, the current one is 1.5 times wider. It’s a perfect choice for feeding sessions as well. But what matters the most is the sturdy wooden feet. The solid feet ensure the smoothest rocking motion. So you can just chill and forget about your back/body issues during pregnancy.

Genuine polyester is used to provide the double rocker with an upscale look. On top of that, the chair is padded thickly in the seat and back. And the fact that neutral colors are used means the chair fits every home décor setting.

Assembly efforts are minimal. And maximum weight-holding capacity is 225 pounds. These two factors earn bonus points for sure. So if you’re serious about buying a spacious chair, then you can place your trust in this one.


1.5 times wider than standard rockers.

It’s a soft, comfortable chair with decent back support.


The rocking distance is not long enough.

12. DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider

DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider

First, it meets your needs and preferences as a mom-to-be. And then it meets the demands of your newborn and breastfeeding/nursing sessions. This is yet another polyester material swivel glider that moves back and forth and also swivels.

The best part is that it comes with an upholstered ottoman. The high-back of the chair delivers nothing but ultimate support for your neck and head. The brand also includes a lumbar pillow for additional back support if you need it.

You might appreciate the fact that no amount of chemicals is used during the manufacturing process. So if you care about creating a healthier setting for yourself and your baby, then this should help in sealing the deal here.

The metal base of this swivel glider makes way for gentle, smooth 36 degrees swiveling motion. It also activates back and forth gliding. So you can rock all you want alone or with your little angel.

In my opinion, it’s a very practical, super-comfy, and neutral chair you can buy during pregnancy. For those harrowing 9 months and the ones to follow post-childbirth!


Material easy for spot-cleaning, thus no spills and stains.

Back is high enough, even for tall individuals.

No toxic chemicals found in the upholstery.


Back angle leans too far back.

13. Ravenna Home Pull Recliner

Ravenna Home Pull Recliner

The three things I love about this recliner; foam padding, microfiber upholstery, and hardwood frame. No doubt, this Ravenna Home creation is one of the best modern glider recliners with the swivel and rocking functions.

It has generous amounts of cushioning to offer comfort during pregnancy. The 360 degrees reclining/swiveling function is something you’re not very likely to complain about. What’s also praiseworthy is easy cleaning.

The recliner provides great support even if you’re 6-feet tall. The high backrest is another feature that I found to be very useful here. The material feels soft against the skin and is durable as well.

The fact that the chair is not particularly heavy means a lot in terms of moving it around. The reclining position is quite comfortable. The recliner goes back almost flat 180 degrees, which once again let me tell you feels incredibly comfortable. So much so that you might fall asleep without worry.


Extremely comfortable, even for long legs.

Great quality.

Easy and quick assembly.


It’s small compared to other recliners.

14. SUNCOO Massage Recliner Chair

SUNCOO Massage Recliner Chair

Why is this chair a suitable choice for pregnant women? Well, the answer is in the product title itself. You guessed it right, it’s because of the massage feature. This SUNCOO armchair features 5 different massage modes for targeting 8 different massage points in your body. This means nothing but a heavenly experience.

Back massages, whether pregnant or not, always feel very good. So it’s only natural to enjoy them even more at the time of pregnancy, with all that backache and physical discomfort you have to go through. The lounger provides an excellent rocking function. So you can rock back and forth gently.

Furthermore, the bonded leather used is of high-quality. And so is the strong bearing, density foam, and wood. All ensure total comfort and safety. Then there’s the 360-degree swiveling function every recliner is equipped with. In this case, the design allows the chair to turn around quite effortlessly.

But it’s the heat feature that steals the show. Along with the 5 different massage modes of course. Besides that, there are side and front pockets and cup holders to make your relaxing or lounging experience more convenient. It’s the perfect way to pamper yourself during pregnancy, isn’t it?


Large recliner chair with massage and heat functions.

The 135-degree reclining feature promotes a healthy spine.

Thick, high-density foam in the armrest and cushions.


The footrest is not easy to put down.

Different Types of Chairs Suitable for Pregnancy

Be it for your workplace or home space, getting a comfortable and supportive chair is a must when pregnant. Especially if you know you’re going to spend many hours sitting.

In the case of work, many pregnant women don’t want to be away from the office until they reach the week before the due date. And that’s amazing only if you’re looking after yourself properly. And one way to do that is to make sure you have a chair that supports your spine with the help of a well-cushioned backrest and seat.

So how about I list down the most suitable pregnancy chairs that you can make a part of both your office and home?

Swivel Glider

No doubt, a swivel glider is specifically designed for women during and after pregnancy. It’s a very comfortable and ergonomic chair in my opinion. The only thing you can do here is RELAX. It’s best for just lounging when reading a book or nursing your newborn.

Some maternity swivel gliders also offer the recline function. I have reviewed a few of them myself in this post. Needless to say, these types of chairs offer superior comfort and make your spine feel at home. But a maternity glider cannot replace a desk chair. Speaking of which, here’s what you need if you’re a workaholic.

Desk/Work/Office Chair

Nothing feels as comfortable as a legitimate office chair for your office space. These types of chairs are a better choice than the previous one if you spend a lot of time at your desk. The chair features adjustments for recline, height, and even lower back support. The best ones are also crafted with a 360-degree swiveling function to allow you to move freely.

So if you spend long hours at your workplace, then your pregnant body requires something that offers such an active seated experience.

Massage Chair

Just the idea of getting a massage chair sounds like a relief during pregnancy, doesn’t it? Lower backache is a very common issue many pregnant women have to deal with. The cause, obviously, is the growing size of your uterus.

As your tummy expands, the center of gravity of your body shifts forward. So if at such times, you don’t sit properly, back pain is only inevitable. On top of that, the growing belly is adding more pressure and discomfort to your joints. Even your core muscles become weak. No wonder getting a massage during pregnancy feels like such a relieving and soothing experience.

A massage chair, in general, features different massaging modes that target many massage points of your body. Some of them are also built with a heat feature and recline function. If you ask me, it’s the perfect way to lounge at home when your body is giving you a hard time. Whether pregnant or not!

Rocker Recliner

These types of chairs are another very popular choice for pregnant women. They have a padded backrest, seat, armrest, and footrest.

Moreover, adjustability is also a huge part of the experience here. You get to adjust the recline function and footrest. And the best part is that you can gently rock these recliners back and forth. Meaning they’re good for pregnancy and even after delivery.

Just like maternity gliders, rocker recliners are also equipped with the 360-degree swivel function. Full-range motion and superior comfort are the two most remarkable factors you simply cannot dismiss.

Kneeling Chair

What is a kneeling chair? It’s the best type of chair for correcting your back posture. Kneeling on these chairs actually reduces pain in the body. But the most enticing aspect is instant posture improvement.

Many doctors recommend pregnant women to sit on a kneeling chair during the final weeks of pregnancy. And even ergonomically speaking, you know that a chair like this works wonders.

Bean Bag

Bean bags contour to the shape of your body, right? So they can be very helpful during pregnancy. With your belly and body growing in size, a bean bag has the capacity to add support everywhere when you’re sitting. Unlike structured chairs! So no matter how much your body shape changes, support, and comfort don’t get compromised.

But you have to pick a bean bag specifically designed for pregnancy. It, no doubt, provides the much-needed relief during tough times. In the form of eliminating neck pain, back pain, and foot pain.

Best Pregnancy Chair Benefits

You just cannot ignore the discomfort caused during pregnancy. This explains why there are so many solutions in the form of products for pregnant women. It has become a separate category altogether. So it’s only natural to buy a comfortable chair to ease your back pain during pregnancy.

And the best part about such chairs is that you can make the most of them even after your pregnancy. I mean rocker recliners, maternity swivel gliders, etc. are good for times when you want to breastfeed your baby as well.

Sitting in a position that doesn’t support your growing tummy is a very bad idea. A wrong posture places unwanted pressure on the belly. That, in turn, leads to more discomfort. And if you spend hours in that wrong position, it affects not only your health but also your baby’s.

On top of that, there’s just so much body pain and discomfort you’re already going through. So all you might want to do is sit comfortably and feel relaxed. And what better way to do that than by buying a chair specifically designed to support and provide relief to your distressed pregnant body.

These chairs are equipped with sufficient padding, lower back support, footrest, and a lot more. So you can be seated for long hours without having to worry about your posture, backache, spine health, painful joints, etc.

The Correct Sitting Position During Pregnancy

A pregnancy chair does indeed help with posture correction during pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to how you sit. It’s a crucial factor, your posture. And is directly related to the comfort level you feel during sitting and to the well-being of your growing baby inside your womb.

Whether pregnant or not, your back should always be straight when seated. Meaning your back should touch the chair support. Straight shoulders with your butt touching the chair back as well. Position your feet evenly on the ground. The hips and knees form 90 degrees. Align your pelvis while leaning forward just slightly.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid being seated in just one position for too long. Move around as much as possible, and as often. Otherwise, cramps and numbness take control. And that makes it difficult to get out of your chair.

Speaking of which, even getting off your chair has rules. You start by sliding to the edge, straighten the legs, and then stand up slowly. If you simply bend forward from your waist to get up, you might just strain your muscles in the back.

What to Avoid When Sitting During Pregnancy

Unintentionally, you’re making so many mistakes at the time of sitting that is giving rise to so many health issues. Like crossing your legs, which has a negative impact on your blood circulation. It even causes ankle swelling.

Also, make sure you don’t let your legs hang loosely from the chair. They should touch the ground. Hanging tends to affect blood flow as well.

Then at the time of turning from the sitting position, don’t twist your waist. Instead, twist your entire body.

And lastly, slouching might feel comfortable at the moment. But it has several major disadvantages like messing with your posture, deteriorating spine health, causing lower back pain, etc. So be aware of how you sit when you sit, no matter the type of chair.

Factors to Take into Account When Buying Chair for Pregnancy

To be honest, there are not many factors here. Just the basic elements have to be included in order for any chair to provide lumbar support.


When I say material, I don’t mean any one fabric in particular. Rather the quality of the material or materials used. If it’s leather, microfiber, or polyester, is it of the highest quality? This you can check simply by looking at the product description and customer reviews on the Amazon page.

When high-quality material is used for construction, maximum durability becomes a natural part of the experience. Some fabrics are also stain-resistant, heat-resistant, water-resistant, etc. Along with easy to clean and maintain.

So if these characteristics matter to you, make sure you choose the right kind of material. All you have to do is read the description of the product properly to see what the manufacturer has to offer.


When buying a chair to provide relief and comfort during pregnancy, it’s only common sense to look for maximum adjustability. This includes adjusting the lumbar support, height, and recline position of the chair. With these features, you get the opportunity to customize the comfort level according to your personal preferences.


Many of the chairs for pregnancy that I’ve reviewed feature the 360-degree swiveling function. With this range of motion, you can move your chair around easily. This brings to the table extra comfort and convenience.

Sufficient Cushioning/Padding

What’s the point of spending so much money on a chair that isn’t equipped with ample padding? And not just in the backrest, but also the headrest, footrest, seat, and armrest.

But not all of these zones share the same amount of cushioning. This means the brand should know how much to add in each area to deliver ultimate comfort and relief.

Commonly Asked Questions About Pregnancy Chair

Q. Are ball chairs suitable for pregnancy?

A ball chair is also known as the birth ball or balance ball. It’s the most useful for inducing labor. As for sitting on it during pregnancy, the chair activates the core and back support muscles for good posture and relieving back pain.

This type of chair is the perfect combination of an ergonomic office chair and swiss fitball.

Q. Is sleeping in a recliner chair safe during pregnancy?

Maybe you just want to take a quick nap. So you decide to lounge in your comfortable recliner chair and go to sleep. Now is that okay? Let me explain.

Sleeping on your back during pregnancy is highly not recommended. It’s because your baby’s weight, in this particular position, compresses the blood vessel known as Inferior Vena Cava. And this IVC blood vessel performs the task of providing your heart with blood.

So if your IVC is unable to return blood, then your heart doesn’t receive sufficient blood to pump to your baby and body. So as long as you don’t lie flat on the back in your recliner, you’re okay. An upright or slightly upright position is safe.

You can also tuck a pillow or cushion under your right side of the back. This means you’re tilting a little toward the left, so your weight moves away from the IVC blood vessel.

Q. Is sitting for long hours or all day bad during pregnancy?

It has been proven that sitting down for too long during pregnancy invites unnecessary trouble into yours and your baby’s life. If you sit for more than 6 hours a day, it can cause diabetes and weight gain to a large extent in pregnancy. And that means birth complications.

So take breaks between your sitting-down sessions. Whenever possible, increase your level of physical activity. This is even more important during pregnancy as it minimizes your chances of developing diabetes and gaining a lot of weight. It also reduces the possibility of your newborn experiencing metabolic issues.

Q. Is using a massage chair safe for pregnant women?

Yes, fortunately, massage chairs are safe during pregnancy. Your body is going through many physical changes. Pregnancy is not such a magical time after all. Meaning it takes a huge toll on both the physical and mental health of the mom-to-be. So it’s only natural to want to get a massage to feel better.

And massage chairs are a great and convenient way of eliminating back pain during pregnancy. The massaging modes, heat function, etc. of a massage chair don’t cause any harm to your body and baby. You should understand that your growing fetus is contained within layers of muscle and fluid. So no harm can reach him/her from the way a massage chair functions.

Q. Are pregnancy-specific chairs compact in terms of size?

Not necessarily; there’s no one specific size of pregnancy chairs. But, generally speaking, most pregnancy chairs, such as swivel gliders, massage chairs, rocker recliners, etc., are space-consuming. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t chairs with a smaller footprint. You just have to keep looking for one if your home is not spacious.

Q. What is the difference between normal chairs and pregnancy chairs?

It’s very simple here. Normal or regular chairs are not as well-padded as pregnancy chairs. The latter is also superior in terms of comfort and softness. They come with an abundantly padded armrest, backrest, seat, and footrest. So your body feels comfortable and relaxed from head to toe.

In fact, I have reviewed a pregnancy chair outfitted with a USB charging port as well. Convenience and comfort at their best!

Q. Are pregnancy chairs good for backache?

If there’s any one thing pregnancy chair is so popular for, then it’s relieving your backache during the most difficult 8-9 months of your life. Normal chairs create an uncomfortable posture with a straight back. With these chairs, you can’t even change the sitting position. But that’s not the case with pregnancy chairs.

These types of chairs allow you to move around by offering enough space, adjustments, and rotation. The swiveling function is one of the features you can hold accountable for that.

As for alleviating and preventing back issues, chairs specifically designed with lumbar support take care of that. There’s enough padding in the backrest of pregnancy chairs to not only tackle back pain but to also improve your spine health and body posture.

Q. Is it okay if I sit on a normal chair during pregnancy?

After all, it’s your decision to make. You can sit on a regular chair during pregnancy. But it’s highly recommended not to since normal chairs are not outfitted with enough padding. Then they don’t even have the reclining function, which is crucial when it comes to providing comfort, support, and relief.

Normal chairs are also not built with a padded armrest and seat, unlike pregnancy chairs.

So if you can afford to buy a chair for pregnancy, then you absolutely should. You’re not going to be wasting your money because these chairs are great for nursing your baby as well.

Final Words

Your belly is growing in size, your body is going through some serious physical changes, and your back is driving you crazy all day long. Aren’t these enough reasons to want to buy a pregnancy chair? It’s designed for delivering the ultimate comfort during pregnancy. If you ask me, it’s the best way to pamper yourself.

Just make sure that the chair you pick, no matter the type, is armed with plush, soft padding in the backrest. Along with the sufficient, comfortable cushioning in the seat, armrest, and footrest. Even adjustability is a crucial factor. You should be able to adjust the height, recline position, and maybe even the lumbar support.

So as long as the chair you buy provides this kind of luxurious comfort, you’ll never regret spending money on it. And bonus points for being able to use the same pregnancy chair even after delivery. That is when you’re breastfeeding your baby or rocking him/her to sleep. In that case, make sure the materials used for construction are non-toxic and baby-friendly.

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Best Chairs for Pregnancy

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