How to Apply Concealer?

November 22nd 2021 in Makeup - 5 mins read

How to Apply Concealer?

For women, concealer is one of the top makeup aids to hide obnoxious dark circles, small scars, or blemishes. 

In this article, will guide you on how to apply concealer and some of the questions that many women encounter when using concealer. 

Imperfection on your face will magically disappear by using a concealer to help you feel more confident every time you go out.

Let's first find out what types of concealers are on the market today!

Type of concealer

Type of concealer

Currently, concealer has many types of coverage and each type has different textures. The concealer comes in a liquid, stick, powder, and compresses cream. Liquid cream concealer is often used for areas of uneven skin color, easy to apply oil, and dark eye circles. 

The liquid cream concealer can also be used for lighting and often goes with a brush to maximize the effect. 

The downside of the liquid cream concealer is that it's not thick enough to cover up the pimples, acne spots, or uneven spots. Meanwhile, the cream-stick concealer is both easy to carry and cover with imperfection.

However, it is not ideal for sensitive areas like the eye like a liquid concealer. 

Eye concealer form of compression cream or molded into a mold has a thick covering texture to help easily cover dark spots, acne, uneven complexion, and dark circles. The form of concealer compresses both evenly and softly, adheres to the skin, so many women around the world use it. 

If you are wondering what kind of concealer is right for your skin, you can refer to the following article 3 Best Drugstore Concealers for hyperpigmentation

Currently, many women dare not use a concealer because they wonder "How do I know my concealer shade?".

How do I know my concealer shade?

How do I know my concealer shade?

Many girls wonder "How do I know my concealer shade?", do not worry. The top trick for girls who don't know shades is to base it on your foundation color. 

Prefer a concealer with a lighter color and a concealer one to two tones darker than the foundation you're using, according to makeup artists like Emily Cheng.

This way, you can create a variety of skin effects by yourself from different color-correcting concealer shades and skin types. So after selecting the desired shades, how to apply concealers?

How to apply concealer?

You need to define undertone

You need to define undertone

Many of you will certainly ask the question "Should concealers be lighter than foundation?" when applying concealer. 

In the opinion of makeup experts, the concealer that is suitable for your skin will usually be one to two tones brighter than the foundation. 

So, before applying layers of concealers, you need to know your undertone to lift the tone of the foundation. 

A little tip to make makeup easier is to cleanse your face and adequately moisturize different areas of your skin before applying makeup. Before applying a shade of concealers with a brush, use foundation, and primer.

The principle of the color wheel

The principle of the color wheel

Concealer is a miraculous treasure that helps many people with the unevenly natural skin tone to overcome that defect.

So, if you don't use concealers based on some principles of symmetry and balance according to the color wheel, your face will become out of balance. 

For example, on your facial skin, there are areas of redness-prone skin, ie hot colors, you must use cold color concealers like green to conceal blemishes instead of using a concealer with warm colors. 

The principle of the color wheel

Green color not only conceals acne marks but also can neutralize reddened skin. For dark circles or areas of uneven skin tone, use yellow or orange to liven up your entire face. 

For swollen skin, freckles, age spots, or bruises, pink is the color "lifesaver" to help you quickly become beautiful, spotless. 

For your skin to become natural, you can coordinate many colors together, but do not overdo it to prevent your face from becoming unnatural. 

The most important thing to note about how to apply concealers is to remember the order in which the colors are on the color wheel and the colors are symmetrical to counter each other.

Pay attention to each problem skin areas

Pay attention to each problem skin areas

How to apply concealers effectively if you have a lot of skin with bruises, pimples, and dark circles under the eyes. 

You should remember that for each skin problem, you have to solve it separately and you cannot use the same thing.

For skin with bruises or swelling, you should choose a brightener or illuminator to increase the reflected light when shining on the face and make the face look younger.  

You can also use concealers on the wings of the nose or any other shady area's face. 

Also, when using concealers, absolutely do not use your hands to spread and apply the cream on your face, you should purchase a few more makeup brushes

The best way to apply a concealer is to use a clean sponge, dab makeup sponge into the cream and spread evenly over the face, even oily skin.

Makeup will become more advantageous if you apply a primer first to help concealer not clarify wrinkles and avoid skin damage.

The best way to see if concealers can conceal or not that many makeup artists use is to apply concealer cream on hands that clearly show blood vessels. 

If the blood vessels are covered by the concealer, the concealer is extremely qualified. 

Also, you should note that if you wear makeup with a concealer in winter, you should use a foundation, a concealer that is brighter than in summer.

Can you use a lighter shade of foundation as a concealer?

A lighter shade foundation can be used as a concealer. 

Although a layer of foundation always has a thinner coverage than a concealer and it is difficult to conceal places with many wrinkles such as the corner of the eye, even dark spots under the skin. 

But if your only desire is to brighten the corner of the eye, it doesn't matter if you can use a lighter shade of foundation as a concealer. 

Instead, to get the natural corner of the eye when applying makeup, you can try the 10 Best Best Korean eye creams suggestion for deep skin care from the inside.


Are you sure you already know the trick to use a concealer and choose shade concealer, right? Hope the question "How to apply concealer?" will not be a difficult question for you after reading this article. 

Wish you can create a beautiful, flawless make-up class to become confident, active, and comfortable expressing your personality.

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