How to Dry Brush Skin

November 22nd 2021 in Skin Care - 5 mins read

How to Dry Brush Skin

Are you wondering how to know how to dry brush skin properly? Don't worry, if you want to know how to use a dry brush then this article is the savior for you. 

You can both exfoliate the skin with the desired amount while avoiding skin infections or irritation caused by the wrong way. 

Firstly, let's mention the practical benefits of this prevailing skincare approach - dry brushing.

Benefits of using a dry brushing

Benefits of using a dry brushing

After thirty years, a woman's skin can hardly come off automatically without dry brushing. So, according to dermatologists, if you use dry brushing then you can have the following practical benefits:

  • Exfoliate dead cells, rough skin cells, peeling off, making the skin rosy and smooth.

  • Enhances blood circulation

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to work faster

However, if after using it, you feel dry or irritated skin, you may not be able to continue dry brushing skin. 

If you have a skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis, or sunburn, you should not use this method if you are sensitive. 

If you own dry skin, you will need to apply dry brush skin as exfoliating will cause new cells to be born and help nutrients penetrate the skin faster than usual. 

Because the dry brush skin has removed all dirt, it helps the skin have a clean surface and is easier to absorb nutrients. 

Before learning how to dry brush skin, make sure you have healthy skin that is suitable for this skincare method.

How to dry brush skin

Choose a good and suitable dry brushing

Choose a good and suitable dry brushing

Choosing the right dry brushing is extremely important because it increases comfort and efficiency when you do physical exfoliation

Let’s sure to choose a dry brush that has natural bristles from harmless plants like sisal or jute. Don't choose hard bristles as this will expose your skin to more physical stress than usual. 

Also, you need to choose a brush with a handle that is not too short and bristles so that you can reach difficult areas such as the back of the shoulders, the back of the legs, and the back. 

You can choose to add another dry brushing with soft bristles to scrub thin areas like the chest, abdomen, or face. 

Many people love dry brushing in the morning before taking a shower. But to avoid overly dry skin, you should only use it up to twice a day.

How to use a dry brush?

How to use a dry brush?

How to use a body brush? When you start to use a dry brush, you need to stand in a shower so that it is easy to clean after the scabs of dead skin burn. 

Just brush in frequency from light to strong and from below the feet up above the body. You should dry brush skin from shins to thighs, from thighs to abdomen, and towards the back and buttocks. 

Then, continue to process dead skin cells on the sides of your hands in the direction from the back of your hand to your shoulder blades. 

If you feel comfortable flowing in a circle, you don't need to rub in an upwards direction.

This activity helps to increase blood circulation as well as the lymphatic system. It helps with blood circulation better, and toxins inside the body are quickly eliminated. 

For areas as thick as your eye, you need more force than thin, soft skin like your chest or abdomen. 

Remember, with each dry brushing, you should point the brush towards the heart and make sure the rough, dead skin cells peel off. 

For the back, you should use dry brushing with a long handle for easy and stable posture when exfoliating.

soft bristle brush

The most important thing is to brush with a soft bristle brush and use lighter force than all other skin areas for sensitive skin such as the face, breasts, and nipples. 

The maximum time to apply dry brush skin is from 5 to 10 minutes. The ideal frequency of using dry brush skin is 2 times a week.

Take a shower right after using a dry brushing

Take a shower right after using a dry brushing

You should take a shower immediately with warm water while using a dry brushing so that dead skin cells are eliminated from the body. 

If you feel any burning after brushing your skin, use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe it off. 

If you include applying natural oils, body conditioning such as coconut oil or rosehip oil will also help your skin rebalance the oil that has just lost after using dry brushing.

If you are curious about the right body lotion for your skin, you can try this article The 18 Best body lotions for crepey skin, for more useful information.

After your hygiene is finished, don't forget to clean the skin brushing tool to continue with the next time. 

Make sure dry brushing is not wet and musty from hanging too long in a humid environment like bathrooms. In addition to drying, the dry brush skin needs to be washed with liquid soap or shampoo.

If you feel skin showing signs of brightening and rupture after applying physical exfoliation with a dry brush skin, make a schedule for yourself. Because no one knows your skin as you do. 

If you want to add a reliable companion to exfoliate the skin to become perfect, you can try to refer to the following articles Best face exfoliators and scrubs for mature skin you should be using daily.

Besides, you should avoid skin irritation, inflammation, or infection caused by this remedy; you should pay attention to the skin after each brushing. 

For those who have torn, bruised, or irritated skin, you need to patiently wait until the skin recovers the lost cuticle before proceeding to dry brush skin.


You will have perfect skin if you know how to dry brush skin reasonably and safely. 

So what are you waiting for without quickly purchasing yourself a suitable dry brush skin to remove all dead cells that make your skin hacking age?

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