How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

November 22nd 2021 in Skin Care - 5 mins read

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

“How to get rid of oily skin” is a question that a dermatologist regularly receives from teenagers who are in puberty. However, many adults still have shiny conditions on their faces. 

You are confused, self-conscious, and do not know what causes oily skin and what prevents oily skin in your skin care routine? 

Don't worry, this article will help you with some advice and take a more positive look at oily skin.

What is oily skin?

What is oily skin?

Oily skin, also known as oily skin, is a type of skin with a thick, glossy structural surface. 

Oily production is often accompanied by large pores that create an environment for sebum products, acne-causing bacteria, and impurities to develop on the face. 

Oily skin is completely different from dry skin because oily skin's subcutaneous oil glands work so hard that sebum does not disappear, but also clogged pores.

Although greasy skin will help prevent skin aging and hydrate your skin from drying out, in the long run, it will cause your skin to suffer from terrible blemishes. 

So how to get rid of oily skin? To answer this question, you must first know what causes oily skin.

What causes oily skin?

What causes oily skin?

According to experts, oily skin can be caused by many objective and subjective reasons, including lifestyle, genetics, and environment. 

So to answer the question "what causes oily skin?", You must pay close attention to find out what is the cause of your oily skin.


Greasy skin tends to pass from parent to child. Genetics will make many people painfully find the answer to the question "how to get rid of oily skin?" feeling discouraged. 

Because genetics is subjective, it is almost impossible to remove oily skin. You can only improve and create the best skincare environment to avoid the worst such as pimples and pore inflammation.


It can be said that age is one of the leading factors that make facial skin shiny and pores larger. Because skin aging causes proteins like collagen to be lost and the sebum slows down. 

If you are in puberty there is an increase in androgens hormones - a male hormone found in both sexes - the body begins to produce more oil. 

The oil will be moved from the glands to the skin by flowing into nearby pores. In some people, overactive sebaceous glands lead to a more oily surface than normal. 

The oily appearance usually goes away on its own after puberty, but it can also persist into adulthood.

Large pores

Large pores

Big pores will make oil glands more active, increase excess sebum and change your skin.


If you live in a hot area, humid climates, and sun damage, your skin tends to oil production and sunburn. Conversely, if you are in a cold area, your skin will be dry and need moisturizer. 

You also focus on diet, menstruation, and blessing stress in your life to prevent oily production and blackheads in your nose.

Using cosmetics the wrong methods

Using cosmetics the wrong methods

One of the typical reasons that many women are going from dry skin to greasy skin is the wrong use of cosmetics or the wrong use of cosmetics. The girls want to have fresh skin, so they abuse creams with thick textures that make the skin more squashed and oily. 

For women who are using salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to treat acne, if too much moisturizer is used, their skin will become overly oily produced and lustrous. 

For cosmetic enthusiasts, using a face wash and exfoliating with too much frequency will make the skin more oily. 

When you remove the oil on your face, the sebaceous glands will see it as an emergency, and the more oil you release to make up for that lost oil layer.

How to get off oily skin?

You should rely on the above reasons to find out what kills oily skin and how to get rid of oily skin. Nowadays, science is developing more and more, so in addition to crafting, you can rely on the intervention of science and technology in beauty. You can refer to the following ways:

Cleanses facial skin

Cleanses facial skin

A great remedy for oil production is to remove makeup and wash your face properly. 

Whether your skin is greasy or not depends largely on washing your face when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night. 

You should pay attention to remove makeup thoroughly after using sunscreen or makeup. 

Also, pay attention to the pH of your facial cleanser product in your skin care routine, which should only be between 5 and 6 pH. 

Also, when washing your face with warm water, you can combine a steam bath to expand your face to help remove dirt and acne breakouts in the skin.

Dead skin cells by exfoliator products

Dead skin cells by exfoliator products

After removing make-up, you should never forget to periodically exfoliate the skin because it helps the skin remove sebum, damaged skin cells, and pimples below the skin epidermis. 

It's best to use beneficial acid scrubs instead of granules. 10 to 15 minutes is the time it takes you to keep the exfoliants on your face. 

A little trick is not to exfoliate during the day and after using, always wear sunscreen products. 

If you are wondering which sunscreen is suitable for oily skin, then do not miss the best Korean sunscreen for oily skin.

Use toners/lotion

Use toners/lotion

After washing your face and steam, you need an astringent toner to tighten pores and cleanse your face thoroughly. 

Choose alcohol-free toner products to eliminate hidden acne for sensitive skin or oily skin types. You can gently massage your face clockwise for 5 to 10 minutes.

Facial masks

Facial masks

You should choose clay masks or masks made of honey, potatoes, grains or fresh milk to both relax your skin and take care of your skin to become smooth and white without greasy shine. 

So, how to get rid of oily skin? You need the perseverance treatment by the right regimen to push back the oily skin.

Is oily skin good?

Many people, instead of wondering what prevents oily skin, have very positive thoughts about oily skin. Because if you get older, your facial skin is still oily, congratulations. 

Because you are one of those people whose healthy skin has a slow aging rate and the sweat glands are working slowly, making it difficult to see fine lines or wrinkles at the corner of the eye. 

According to well-known makeup artists, our facial skin not only reduces wrinkles, fights freckles, but also has good elasticity and easy-to-use makeup powder when makeup. 

If you own oily skin, do not worry about it, please refer to the 12 best BB creams for oily skin to promote beauty.


Oily skin is not exactly a flaw that makes you worry. You just need to know how to control the oily skin, you not only easily apply makeup but also have the smooth, youthful and healthy skin that many people desire.

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