How To Remove Self Tanner From Hands?

November 22nd 2021 in Skin Care - 5 mins read

How To Remove Self Tanner From Hands?

How to remove self tanner from hands? One way that is considered the most effective approach to eliminate self tanner on your skin is to wash hands at once. This step will help you get rid of a significant amount of bleach. Then, exfoliate to slough off the top dead skin cells. As a result, you also remove the self-tanning dye from your hands. It’s worth reading to know more about having each step done properly!

How to wash off self tanner?

How To Remove Self Tanner From Hands?

Keep in mind that using safe materials will be crucial to getting the job done without harming your skin. In fact, there are many options available in your home that you don't have to search for. Here are some options for you:

How To Get Spray Tan Off Hands With Baking Soda

Baking soda

Baking soda is a miracle tool that often appears in many kitchen tips and tricks. As for removing self-tanner from hands, this chemical is once again on the list of 'exfoliating methods.’ 

Then how to get self tanner off hands with baking soda? With just a few spoons of the baking soda and a few water drops, you have a mixture to gently massage on the skin that needs exfoliation. Using an old toothbrush to gently scrub the fingers is also a great idea. Next, leave the mixture on your hands for one to two minutes, and then wash it off with warm water. The results may surprise you.

How To Get Fake Tan Off Hands With Baby Wipes?

They are specially made to clean delicate skin. You can use baby wipes alone or after a baking soda treatment to get fake tan off your hands. 

How To Remove Self Tanner From Hands With Lemonade?

Lemonade contains natural alpha hydroxy acid that makes it an effective exfoliator. Accordingly, many people find it effective to get rid of self-tanners from their hands. 

Specifically, dab a little on affected skin areas, then rinse. You can also combine sugar with lemon juice to make a scrub. If you only have a small stain, you can rub it with each lemon slice.

Some tips for getting fake tan off your hands

White Vinegar - One Of The Best Sunless Tan Remover

White Vinegar is one of the proper answers to the question: ‘’What takes off spray tan?’’ Like lemon juice, white vinegar contains acids that help remove dead skin cells and break down stains.

How To Get Tanning Lotion Off Hands With Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover containing acetone that helps remove stubborn plaque on fingertips and nails. Nonetheless, you should not utilize this method to remove autologous tanning from other body’s parts, as it has a harsh and damaging effect on skin cells. Dip the cotton swab in nail polish remover to carefully remove excess tanning agent from your hands.

Remove Self Tanner With Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste can help you eliminate self tanner. In detail, apply some toothpaste to your skin in a circular motion to remove the tanner thoroughly.

Remove Self Tanner With Oil

Soaking your hands in coconut, baby or olive oil could loosen the top skin-cells layer and reduce the areas of dark or orange patches. It can work especially well when combined with gentle exfoliation.

Remove Self Tanner With Body Scrub, Loofah, Or Towel

Use any of these products to gently massage and exfoliate your hands.

Remove Self Tanner With Facial Bleach

Facial bleach is designed to lighten the hair on your face. Put a bit on your toothbrush or cotton swab and rub gently into fingers and palms.

Remove Self Tanner With Hair Removal Cream

This product is classified as a method for removing self tanner efficiently. Use a cotton swab to dab onto fingertips, hands, or palms.

The methods above are mild and are usually not harmful, but some discomfort can still occur. To avoid skin damage or irritation, you should not use too much to exfoliate. Moreover, always remember to apply an intensive moisturizer to replenish enough moisture and give you healthy skin.

How To Prevent Self-Tanner From Your Hands

It will save a lot of time if you know how to prevent self-tanner from the skin of your hands in the first place. The principle is just to avoid your hands coming into contact with the tanning agent, and here are some important tips:

  • Wash your both hands with warm soap and water immediately after using the tanning dye to prevent it from drying out on the skin. That is the fastest way that you should apply first.

  • Pay attention to moisturizing your skin because if your skin is too dry, it will make your wrists and hands rough. If so, the dye will easily adhere to the skin and become very scary orange patches. Therefore, we highly recommend that you use a moisturizing hand cream every day.

  • Next, you can dab some moisturizer on your fingernails, palms, and some surrounding skin before you apply your self-tanner. This is a good suggestion because moisturizers will create a thin border between your skin and the tanning agent. In this way, tanner is less likely to stick in your hand.

  • You can apply tanning technology where the light is even or bright because it is difficult to see whether you have applied the product evenly on your hands or not in the dark.

  • It would be best to use a separate set of towels for self-tanner to avoid using it too messy. In particular, Sunless tanning remover/wipes are often an effective alternative to lotion for beautiful glowing skin.

  • Using a dedicated tanning tool is a great way to prevent your skin from getting a self-tanner. Additionally, gloves are the most important because they prevent the product from sticking to your hands and help you apply the product more evenly.

In A Nutshell

Self-tanner lotion is a great invention because it works so effectively, easily, and surprisingly quickly in giving a beautiful natural tan. However, it will create some ugly patchy orange patch if it gets on your skin for a few small spots!

But everything will be fine, as all the tips and recommendations on how to remove self tanner from hands are in the above article. On top of that, all these methods are really easy to do and cheap! 

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