How To Tan Faster Than Summer Arrives! – Tanning Guide For You

November 21st 2021 in Skin Care - 5 mins read

How To Tan Faster Than Summer Arrives! – Tanning Guide For You

This guide on how to tan faster is suitable for those who have missed out on the best time for getting tan or those who are just dissatisfied with their current shade. So scroll down to read up, and you can easily get that cute tan line of your dream for this hot summer!

How To Tan Faster To Catch Summer?

Switch To Sunscreen Under 30 SPF:

No matter what anyone tells you, do not take your sunscreen out of the preparation phase before sunbathing. In detail, your skin will need that layer of protection before being roasted under the sun, so do not deprive yourself of that. You should only skip sunscreen application when you want to be burned, not tan.

If you want to know how to get tan fast and still get that protection, perhaps try a different SPF index for your product instead of getting rid of it completely! Then, you will escape the fate of smelling like barbecued meat while still getting enough rays to earn a healthy skin shade!

Applying lotions also helps, so you might want to consult this article!

How to tan easily?

Flip Over More Frequently:

The next solution on how to tan without burning is not to stay in one place. We do not mean you should switch tanning locations all the time. Instead, try to flip yourself over more often so that both sides of your body get an even tanning effect.

Turning the cheeks more frequently will also give you an idea of how to tan safely, as it lets your skin take a breath every once in a while and heal up. Additionally, you will also be less likely to sleep under the hot sun and come out with your skin red as a tomato!

Eat Foods With Beta Carotene & Lycopene:

Perhaps your diet can lend a hand to this guide on how to tan faster in the sun! To be more specific, several studies have shown that supplementing your meals with foods rich in two substances called beta-carotene and lycopene can help push your skin towards tanning more easily.

As the name suggests, beta carotene is in vegetables with rich orange color like carrots and sweet potatoes. Despite having no orange in its leaves, Kale can also help with your body’s sensitivity to skin tans. These veggies also protect your skin from burning up quickly and eliminate potential lingering skin threats, so it is a win-win to eat more of these foods!

Your diets can help you tan!

As for lycopene-rich foods like tomatoes and watermelon, it means you can have a refreshing fruit snack while sunbathing! In addition, lycopene-rich food helps shield your skin from UV rays in general.

Switch To SPF-Rich Oils:

If you are tired of sunscreens and cannot withstand the sticky feeling on your skin, certain vegetable oils can help you out a little! So, what’s the secret on how to tan outside fast with natural oils?

Believe it or not, oils made from avocado, coconut, raspberry, and carrot already have some components that protect your skin from the UVA rays already! Of course, they cannot protect, and the carefully curated chemical compound, but natural oils come with a surprise factor. Veggie oils have the amazing effect of moisturizing your skin to reduce the damage caused by humidity and sunlight!

You can use natural oils on their own, or you can complement your sunscreen with a soft layer before applying; that totally depends on your taste!

Time Your Tan Carefully:

All guides on sunbathing and tan will indicate to you that the sun is strongest around 10 A.M to 4 P.M, so you should definitely soak up the goodness around that time. However, in case you want to know how to tan quickly in the sun without burning, you should pay attention to the fact that staying out in the sun for all those hours will burn you rather than tan you. 

If you have ever tried to stay in the sun for 3 hours, you know the terrible result. Hence, choosing your time to sunbathe wisely to avoid this risk is way smarter than trying to take as much as you can at once!

Tanning without burning is not an easy feat.

Pick A Different Tanning Outfit:

If you find yourself struggling to tan at awkward spots that sunlight cannot reach, please do not immediately consider sunbathing nude! Some parts of your body are more sensitive to sunlight and onlookers’ eyeballs, so those parts are better left covered.

Rather than your trusty one-piece swimsuit, why not try a triangle bikini instead? It is the go-to attire for tanners who want to learn how to get a natural tan anyway!

Prepare Your Skin Before Heading Out:

Do not forget to apply a layer of sunscreen for every two hours and your favorite moisturizer! You might also need a flask of cool water to quench your thirst, but that’s more for your throat than anything.

Last but not least, you can also try using self-tanner as additional support to get the best tan result. 

Risks Of Tanning Quickly

As we have discussed before, those who try to tan quickly can land in the zone of “staying out for as long as possible and get burnt severely.” You will also have to face these potential illnesses: skin cancer, heat rashes, immune system degradation, and premature aging. So, please be patient!

What If You Cannot Get Tan In Time?

If you cannot catch the sun because you work in the span or any other obstructions, it’s time to pick up a phone and book a session at your local salon! They should be able to provide you with a booking for tanning beds, which do not need the sun to work at all. 

A spray tan is also a good solution for how to get tan fast without being fried in the sun!


In conclusion, the right diet/tanning execution combined with good timing is the secret to how to tan faster. Follow this guide closely if you want the skin shade of your dream right now, or you will regret it all summer long. Let’s cross our fingers and hope the sun stays by our side!

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