Best Guidance To The 10-step Korean Skincare Routine For You

November 23rd 2021 in Skin Care - 6 mins read

Best Guidance To The 10-step Korean Skincare Routine For You

Everyone enjoying taking care of their skin is likely to know how superb the Korean skincare routine is. For Korean people, nourishing skin is about using modern technology and products with traditional ingredients. 

Hence, from beauty bloggers to newbies, people easily become obsessed with the effect after a short time. The legendary Korean facial routine with ten steps is also the main reason for the impressive and incredible results. So, if you are interested in this awesome method, this post is perfect for you!

The 10 Basic Steps In Korean Skincare Routine

The goal of the Korean skin regimen is not to purchase tons of skincare products; it is about figuring out which products and brands are perfect for your skin and how to use them in the proper order. This post will instruct you to perform and follow each step correctly with some recommendations about the best ingredients for the routine!

Now, let's get started!

Cleansing Skin

Use An Oil-based Cleanser And Remove The Makeup

When it comes to Korean skin care steps, oil cleansers are the basic ingredient in the double cleanse's first step. You can remove your makeup effectively and remove all the pollution, dirt, SPF, sebum with other grime and impurities when applying this type of cleanser onto your skin. 

How To Use

The perfect times to use an oil cleanser are in the morning and night. You need to gently and slowly massage the dry area of your skin. After that, emulsify the cleanser with lukewarm water and rinse it off.

Best Ingredients

  • Grape seed oil

  • Jojoba oil

  • Macadamia oil

Use The Water-based Cleanser

Be mindful of the type of cleanser you choose!

This product is a must for the second part of the double cleanse method. Specifically, a water-based cleanser is quite important as the oil-based one sometimes can not clean out some types of impurity like sweat and dirt. 

Please remember that cleansers with a water base can dry and strip your skin because of the high sulfates and pH. Therefore, it's necessary to choose low pH, hydrating and gentle products to protect your skin barrier while cleansing.

How To Use

Just like the cleansers with an oil base, the perfect times are morning and night. Damp your face and neck with water, then apply the cleanser to them. Next, use the circular motion technique to massage, then rinse everything off.

Best Ingredients 

  • Pearl extract

  • Rice extract

  • Green tea


Your dead skin cells will go away, and your pores will be clean, thanks to the exfoliators. Moreover, this step can help you significantly improve your skin quality, make it smoother and look brighter.

There are two exfoliator methods: chemical and physical. 

With physical type, you will use a tool (peeling gels, cleansing towels) or a slightly rough substance (sugar scrubs) to slough away your skin's top layer. Please also pay attention to your skin type if you want to use the physical method, as it's not for sensitive skin.

On the other hand, the (completely safe) acid elements in chemical exfoliators will sink and go deep into your deeper skin layers. These elements can take the dead skin cells away and boost the new cell appearance. There are three popular types: PHAs, BHAs, and AHAs; please pick the suitable one for your skin condition.

How To Use 

One to twice per week would be great for your skin. Gently exfoliate your face, especially your check areas with pores and your nose.

Best Ingredients

  • Lactic acid

  • Salicylic acid

  • Black sugar


The best product for the prep stage in the Korean face routine – toner! This tool will assist you in removing the leftovers from the cleansers and repair your skin's barrier by balancing the pH and moisture levels. By doing this step, your skin can absorb the upcoming moisturizers more effectively.

How To Use

You need to pat lightly onto your face by hands or swipe all over your skin with a small cotton pad.

Best Ingredients

Citric acid




Using Essences

Essences have always been a crucial part of Korean beauty routines, as the essence's main goal is to supply your skin with hydration. This product comes with a mixture of complexion-enhancing, anti-aging, and hydrating ingredients. 

Hence, the essence can enhance the absorption process to the highest level after applying it to your skin. But please remember that dehydrating skin can easily make you feel irritated and face the premature aging situation sooner.

How To Use

Sprinkle a few drops into your hands and pat gently on your neck and face.

Best Ingredients

  • Yeast

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Birch juice

  • Rice extract


The perfect package for your skin treatment includes ampoules, serums, and boosters. These gadgets often come with ultimate ingredients and aim at treating special concerns like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and acne.

How To Use

Slightly tap on your face, and focus on the specific areas with problems.

Best Ingredients

  • Vitamin C

  • Tea tree

  • Soybeans

Sheet Mask

Wearing Sheet Masks

The soul of the Korean skincare technique – Sheet Mask! The primary goal of sheet masks is to contact your skin long enough so that your skin can absorb all the moisture and nutrients thoroughly. Besides, the masks can also give you more relaxing and meditative time while infusing condensed essence onto your skin.

How To Use

Apply the mask onto your face and smooth it evenly on your skin. Next, you can lie down and relax for about 15 minutes. Finally, take the mask off and pat a little bit for the excess essence,

Best Ingredients

  • Rose

  • Green tea

  • Cucumber

Eye Cream

The most delicate and thinnest skin area is around our eyes. Therefore, taking care of this area using eye cream can protect your eyes from crow's feet, puffiness, and dark circles. Eye creams are always non-irritating, super gentle, and have all the beneficial ingredients for sensitive skin.

Protect the skin under your eyes with eye cream!

How To Use

Gently tap the cream around your eyes with your pinkie. Please stay away from the waterline and do not rub the skin area. If you want to find more advice and tips, let us instruct you on the best way to take care of the skin area under your eyes.

Best Ingredients

  • Lily

  • Ginseng

  • Honey


Like their names, these products can provide moisture and smooth any fine lines on your skin. There are different types of moisturizers: sleeping mask, cream, gel, lotion, and emulsion. You can make a decision depending on your needs and personal preference.

As this step is crucial, let us help you find the right product if you are new to this skincare journey! Here is a list of the best moisturizers for all types of skin from Korea.

How To Use

Use for your neck and face in the morning and at night. The best result will come if you moisturize every day.

Best Ingredients

  • Green tea

  • Snail mucin

  • Centella Asiatica

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Bamboo


This final step is highly important. Even if you don't spend most of your time outside during the day, this cosmetic can protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays, and nothing can dilute it.

There are three types of sunscreens in terms of formulations: chemical, mineral, and hybrid sunscreens. The chemical type contains more ingredients than the mineral one, and these types work in a different style. While mineral sunscreens repel the UV rays away, the other one will take and turn them into heat.

Both types can give you the same results, but it is always best to purchase the one that makes you feel most comfortable.

How To Use

Gently apply the product to your neck and face. This step is the final one in the routine every day. 

Best Ingredients

  • Zine oxide

  • Titanium dioxide


Above, we’ve shown you the famous ten steps in Korean Skincare Routine with a detailed explanation. Hopefully, you now understand "what is korean skin care?" and see the importance of each step to build a perfect schedule for your skin after reading our post. By following our post, we believe you will get healthy and perfectly smooth skin in no time.

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